MyDeltaQuest Online Investment Business Portal is Launched

DeltaQuest Group launches its new online social portal for business people to use and interact with other like minded professionals from around the world. The portal includes news, articles by business professionals and a forum, making it a unique way for business people to connect and interact.

Limassol, Cyprus, July 17, 2010 --( “MyDeltaQuest - Online Investment Business Portal,” offers a wide range of topics that encompasses many of the hottest investment business discussions on the market. The site includes 5 subject dedicated sections. Each section contains articles that will offer advice on the subject, a news section to keep users up to date with the latest news, a FAQ section related to the subject, a forum, which is related to the major subjects for each industry and a general forum, allowing users to discuss general business and financial matters. The 5 subjects covered at MyDeltaQuest are: E-Commerce Business, Tax Planning and Asset Protection, International Banking, Investment Business and Forex Solutions.

At first glance MyDeltaQuest may seem to be a standard financial news site, however on closer inspection; it becomes more apparent that the entire site is based solely on interaction. Visitors can submit their own questions via the “Ask us a Question” button, this allows them to submit a question, and receive a response from a professional within the field. By becoming a member on the site, visitors can comment on articles, submit a news story to the site, or even apply to become an author for the site.

What really encourages people to become members of MyDeltaQuest is “The DeltaQuest Challenge”; this is a competition being run on the site to encourage people to interact with the community. “The DeltaQuest Challenge” is offering $1000 to the highest rated author, $750 to the highest rated article, and $250 for the highest rated comment. To be able to participate, visitors only need to become a member of the site, and visitors can start commenting on articles, and rating other people’s articles too. To be able to submit articles, members need to apply to become an author, but once they are approved, they are able to submit all the articles they want.

With its forms of interaction and “The DeltaQuest Challenge,” combined with the collection of professionals in each field, MyDeltaQuest will be the business themed social interaction portal to watch.

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