Avenue Right Releases Version 3.1 of Media Buying Automation Platform for Small to Midsize Ad Agencies

Avenue Right’s web-based media buying software streamlines and automates the process of planning and buying local advertising, across online and offline media channels. The real-time platform helps media buyers keep up with a changing media landscape and deliver targeted advertising messages more efficiently. The release of Avenue Right 3.1 brings even greater flexibility in communicating and managing information during the media planning process.

Fargo, ND, July 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Marketing technology company Avenue Right announces the release of version 3.1 of its web-based media buying software, an on-demand platform that allows small to midsize ad agencies to plan, buy, analyze, and report on local advertising across multiple media channels.

Avenue Right increases efficiency in the media buying process by automating manual, administrative processes and providing a central location to manage and report on an agency’s local advertising and media buying services.

Instead of spending hours searching the internet or making phone calls, media buyers can login to Avenue Right and quickly identify online and offline media outlets that reach their local target audience. They can then get relevant contact information and advertising rates; plan, negotiate, and confirm schedules; generate reports and calendars; and communicate with media outlets.

Avenue Right 3.1 brings even greater flexibility in gathering, managing, and analyzing information for a media plan. This release further streamlines communications between buyer and seller with the ability to attach documents such as an avails sheet during the planning process.

“Much of 3.1 is a result of feedback from our users,” says Amy Denardo, director of product management at Avenue Right. “These changes will give users more flexibility in planning their campaigns and finalizing their media schedules.”

To help users save time in the research and planning process, Avenue Right’s real-time database consists of over 50,000 local advertising opportunities—radio, broadcast & cable TV, newspaper and magazine, and online display advertising—that users can add and interact with on the fly.

Among other efficiency gains, the technology provides an automated electronic RFP process for multiple media channels, which is designed to simplify the process of gathering information, negotiating schedules, and confirming a media buy.

Tools such as the schedule builder, electronic negotiation and confirmation, campaign dashboards, and reporting allow media buyers to make actionable the information collected in the planning process.

With the release of Avenue Right 3.1, media outlets responding to RFPs will be able to upload a document file to send with their response. “Sellers can now send a full television avails file for broadcast and cable when they respond to an RFP,” says Denardo. “They can simply upload an avails sheet from which the media buyer can choose their desired schedule.”

Avenue Right 3.1 also brings enhancements to the Media Schedule Builder and change order process, and simpler management of custom fields for media types, building on the features released in May with 3.0.

Avenue Right 3.0 introduced customization features that allow users to add, interact with, and report on any advertising medium that’s included in the overall media schedule, such as OOH and local search advertising, in addition to the standard media types in the database. Also released was the ability for users to create custom media formulas and questions in order to capture and measure specific information in their media planning process.

The ability to plan and manage local online and offline advertising from a central location lets media buyers see where they are getting the most value based on audience delivery and budget, optimize the media mix accordingly, and communicate that value to their clients or business stakeholders.

Avenue Right connects media buyers and sellers in real-time, saving time through automation and providing the tools needed to gather, analyze, and act on information about an advertising opportunity or marketplace. It’s an affordable and pragmatic solution serving small to midsize ad agencies that buy media for local and regional advertising campaigns.

For more information, visit Avenue Right at http://www.AvenueRight.com .

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Jessie Johnson