1on1 Boxing Fitness Now Offers Supplements

1on1 Boxing Fitness has enhanced its boxing and fitness programs by offering Apex nutritional supplements.

Mesa, AZ, July 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 1on1 Boxing Fitness, Mesa’s premier boxing and fitness facility, today announced it will now offer Apex Fitness’s full line of nutritional supplements.

“In a world where delicious food is everywhere and movement is discouraged, successfully achieving weight loss and fitness goals are getting more and more difficult,” said 1on1 Boxing Fitness owner, former professional boxer and certified conditioning specialist Christopher Terry. “In combination with my training and nutritional programs, Apex supplements will assist my clients in reaching their health and fitness goals faster and more effectively.”

Since 1994, Apex Fitness has been a premiere resource for training and nutrition products as well as science-based fitness solutions. Apex programs and products have helped more than 400,000 people reach their training, shaping and weight-loss goals every year.

1on1 Boxing Fitness will be carrying the entire line of Apex supplement offerings including multivitamins, calcium, protein mixes and shakes along with a few fat burners.

“These supplements will help my clients get the nutrients they may be lacking in their diets while also assisting with fat burning and appetite control,” said Terry.

Apex supplements are sold directly at the boxing gym or can be ordered in advance through 1on1 Boxing Fitness. Supplement prices vary.

For more information on Apex supplements at 1on1 Boxing Fitness, contact Christopher Terry at (602) 348-2764 or chris@1on1boxingfitness.com.

About 1on1 Boxing Fitness

1on1 Boxing Fitness is Mesa's premier boxing and fitness facility offering targeted workouts and training programs for first-time boxers, fitness enthusiasts and those looking to use boxing as a means to get in shape and improve fitness levels.

For more information on 1on1 Boxing Fitness, visit 1on1BoxingFitness.com or contact Christopher Terry by phone at (602) 348-2764 or by email at chris@1on1boxingfitness.com.

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