Solcara PRISM to Use Semantic Technologies to Link Information Across Disparate Information Systems and Services

Harefield, United Kingdom, July 15, 2010 --( Today, Solcara announced the release of Solcara PRISM, a product that is set to transform how organisations link, search and access information from different information systems and services.

Solcara PRISM enables information held within disparate information systems, databases and online services to be conceptually linked together. Each resource is described using semantic methods and relating like data. This makes each resource semantically aware without the need for expensive conversion and tagging of the content.

Semantic technologies and information mark-up are becoming more prevalent and Solcara PRISM can interface with both semantic and non-semantic systems to provide a platform for your current and future integration and search needs. Solcara PRISM combined with Solcara SolSearch, an advanced federated search technology, makes all of your information resources semantically accessible and uses this knowledge when processing searches so that each search is targeted to the right resource(s) in the right way.

Solcara PRISM requires no additional aggregation, crawling, indexing, modification or translation of data. It empowers your users by enabling them to focus on what they want to find and not having to worry about where the information is and how to search each resource.

Rob Martin, Managing Director at Solcara, commented:
“Solcara PRISM has the power to make the concept of the semantic web a reality. It is designed to link data held in your internal information systems as well as data held on the web and in deep web resources such as subscription services and online databases. Users will now be able to focus on what they want to find and not how, what or where to search. Organisations that embrace the concept will have the potential to link and search information systems for a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise search and indexing projects.”

About Solcara
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