Loqu8 Insight 2.5 Now Available for Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Google Docs Spreadsheets

Loqu8's new Insight 2.5 release improves performance and availability of enterprise, cloud applications. Insight 2.5, the first business intelligence software to speed access for enterprise cloud-based applications. This new release extends Loqu8’s leadership in knowledge management with direct, real-time support for Salesforce CRM, SharePoint and Google Docs.

Mountain View, CA, August 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Loqu8 today announced Insight 2.5, the first business intelligence software to speed access for enterprise cloud-based applications. This new release extends Loqu8’s leadership in knowledge management with direct, real-time support for Salesforce CRM, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Google Docs spreadsheets.

“As a 15 year veteran in sales, Loqu8 Insight provides instantaneous and intelligent access to my most critical account information,” explained Brad Strum, Loqu8’s VP of Sales. “Whether I’m on a plane or en route to a customer meeting, Loqu8’s augmented intelligence technology means I always have access to the most up-to-date, accurate information. Our team never works with outdated information or misses opportunities because the network was too slow or unavailable—even at 35,000 feet in the air.”

Expanded Support for Salesforce
Insight 2.5 is targeted at the growing base of business users who rely on enterprise applications based on Salesforce CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs spreadsheet. Over 100 million licensees and users of these applications typically open a web browser window and navigate or search for information. Powered by Loqu8’s iNtuition™ engine, Insight improves performance and availability for these popular applications. Insight provides both instant access (single login; information is available immediately) and live access (real-time updates with remote services).

Pricing and Availability
Loqu8 Insight scales seamlessly from an enterprise-wide knowledge management platform (Enterprise edition) to solutions for functional teams and smaller organizations (Team edition). Insight is also available as a personal productivity tool for individuals (Personal edition). Key features for each edition include:

Insight Enterprise Edition provides a semi-custom platform for synchronizing live data sources in an organization. Supports enterprise-wide information sources like Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce CRM and Google Docs spreadsheet. Enhanced support for XML and increased capacity for up to a million entries.

Insight - Team Edition includes the same secure, real-time update capabilities as the Enterprise edition. Each Team edition is tailored to the unique requirements of specific functional workgroups:
- Insight Team Salesforce allows users to hover their mouse over opportunities and company names and Insight instantly shows information from the Salesforce.com CRM cloud—without opening a new web browser.
- Insight Team SharePoint improves business productivity by accelerating access to SharePoint 2010 lists and search—plus all databases supported by SharePoint.
- Insight Team Google is the first power tool for Google Docs Spreadsheet users. Share project milestones, specifications or network IP addresses in a spreadsheet and let team members gain immediate access through Insight. Updates from Insight are automatically synchronized with the Google cloud.

Insight - Personal Edition is built upon the same Insight engine, but designed especially for individuals to experience Insight’s intelligent augmentation capabilities on a smaller scope. Quickly access information resources over websites and desktop applications, including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Skype.

Loqu8 Insight 2.5 is priced from $25 USD per user per month. A perpetual license for Insight Personal Edition is $499 USD. Site licenses and volume discounts are available. Insight runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP systems. A free trial is available at www.loqu8.com.

Licensed users of all earlier versions of Insight are entitled to a complimentary upgrade. Contact Loqu8 Sales for more information.

About Loqu8
Loqu8 is a leader in augmented learning software with over 13,000 users in 22 countries. This user-guided, on-demand learning model is the result of years of research at Stanford University in cognitive science and information processing. The company's innovative iNtuition™ information management engine uses ultra-fast LiveScan technologies to display information in a pop-up window—all in a fraction of a second.

Loqu8, a privately-held corporation with headquarters in Silicon Valley, is a member of Microsoft’s BizSpark Program and an early-adopter of Windows 7 and SharePoint 2010. For more information, visit www.loqu8.com.

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