Love Systems Releases Revealing Dating Guide by Master Pickup Artist Jeremy Soul

New dating guide from Love Systems tells men how to successfully pick up hot girls in daytime environments. The book, entitled "Daytime Dating - Never Sleep Alone," is authored by master pickup artist and world-renowned dating coach Jeremy Soul.

Los Angeles, CA, July 20, 2010 --( Love Systems Inc. ( is releasing a revealing new dating guide to show guys how to pick up attractive women in non-nightclub environments. The unique guide, appropriately called "Daytime Dating - Never Sleep Alone," teaches men how to meet and attract high-quality, hot girls in daytime environments such as coffee shops and supermarkets, instead of clubs and bars.

The insightful guide is written by Jeremy Soul, one of Love Systems’ top dating coaches. ( An internationally-renowned dating coach, Soul has been teaching workshops on how to meet and attract women in daytime environments (aka "Day Game") since 2007. Soul-who, incidentally, doesn’t go to clubs-was voted by his peers to be the world’s best pickup artist in 2008 and was ranked No. 2 in 2009.

"You cross paths with many pretty, available women every day - at the coffee shop, supermarket, even walking down the street, and most guys don’t know what to do, so they do nothing," Soul says. "It doesn’t have to be this way."

"Daytime Dating," which is Soul’s first book, encompasses years of dating experience, field-tested techniques and professional research. The insightful guide takes men through the entire process of meeting a woman, getting her home and closing the deal. With 200 pages, the reader-friendly book has plenty of examples, conversation transcripts from actual pickups, and links to hidden-camera video (of Soul picking up women) to help illustrate some of the techniques.

The book goes a step further by telling readers what to do and say, depending on the situation and location of the woman being approached. Soul also gives advice on what not to say: "Don’t compliment her looks directly," he says. "Beautiful women hear compliments about their looks all day. Compliment her for her sense of humor or ambition or even just for what the two of you have in common."

Soul is head of the "Day Game" practice at Love Systems, ( the largest and most prestigious dating coaching school for men. Love Systems specializes in teaching and training men strategies to be more successful with women, particularly in the area of dating. "Unlike other companies, the Love Systems techniques and methods are constantly tried, tested and then refined and updated," said President Nick Savoy. "This had made us leaders in the field and the number one dating coaches in the world."

Love Systems has nearly 20 instructors who conduct its distinctive three-day dating workshops or "bootcamps" in more than 35 cities and 13 countries. Its new book, "Daytime Dating - Never Sleep Alone," will be available at on August 5. For more information about the book or the company’s other products and services, visit Or contact Nick Savoy at 800-680-0821.

About Love Systems Inc.:
Based in Los Angeles, Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp.) was founded in 2007 by Nick Savoy. The company was the first of its kind to provide live teachings, commonly known as "in-field training," in bars and clubs where men were trained and coached to seduce women by using routines. Over the years, Love Systems has established itself as a premier provider of distinctive dating seminars that teach men how to become more successful around women and improve their dating lives.

Love Systems ( coaching methods and techniques have been featured on Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, Fox News, CBS, FHM, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, The New York Times, and much more.

At, the company brings world-famous pickup artists, "ladies men", and dating coaches together to share their secrets with others. Love Systems is a privately-held firm with offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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