"Truman and MacArthur" Nominated for Prestigious Award

Bennington, VT, July 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- "Truman and MacArthur, Adversaries for A Common Cause," by Donald J. Farinacci (Merriam Press, 2010), a work of historical non-fiction depicting the contentious interaction between President Harry S. Truman and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War, has been nominated by the Military Writers Society of America for its 2010 Award for best book in the history category. The presentation of awards will take place at the society's annual conference in Pittsburgh on October 2, 2010.

The book focuses on the early Korean War, from the date of the North Korean invasion across the 38th parallel into South Korea on June 25, 1950 to the aftermath of the Congressional hearings on Truman's firing of MacArthur for insubordination in April of 1951. Of particular dramatic impact is the Chinese counteroffensive which nearly pushed United Nations forces under MacArthur into the Sea of Japan before they were saved by the brilliant break-out orchestrated by U.S. General Matthew B. Ridgway.

The Military Writers Society of America (militarywriters.com) is a nation-wide organization of men and women who share one overriding interest---a deep love for those who are currently serving in the military as well as America's veterans and the desire to see that they receive proper recognition through the printed word as well as the visual arts.

Donald J. Farinacci