Vera Bella Cosmetics Launches New Fade Away Cream

Phoenix, AZ, July 21, 2010 --( "Vera Bella Cosmetics gets tough on dark spots," says Serafina Cervati founder of Vera Bella Cosmetics.

Vera Bella Cosmetics unveiled today what it described as a prescription strength attack on dark spot correcting, at their press conference in Phoenix. Vera Bella Cosmetics Fade Away Cream which targets “hyperpigmentation” is said to offer prescription strength effectiveness at evening out skin tone - taking Vera Bella Cosmetics to the next level of beauty.

Serafina Cervati Founder of Vera Bella Cosmetics kicked off the event, by saying "insieme possiamo conseguire la vera bellezza,"which translates into "together we can achieve true beauty."

“Our success in the past has been driven by a number of factors,” she noted, “including some innovative new product launches, and also some great performances from the existing portfolio of over 500 products giving customers one-stop shopping for their cosmetic needs.”

She continued: “We have also realized and acknowledged that the economic downturn has led to changes in the attitudes and needs of our customers, and therefore we have adapted our plans and strategies accordingly, to deliver what the consumer wants today. More product (1.5oz/50ml) for less money $39.95 USD.

At Vera Bella Cosmetics we continue to focus on our heritage and key values: “with these core values in mind we are here today to talk about one of the fastest-growing skincare concerns hyperpigmentation, which affects millions of people around the globe. This is considered to be one of the most noticeable and significant signs of premature aging.”

Serafina concluded: “We at Vera Bella Cosmetics have challenged ourselves to become a leader in addressing hyperpigmentation – an often difficult-to-treat skincare concern. Today, we are announcing that from every sale of our Fade Away Cream we will donate $1.00 to help in skin cancer research.”

Hyperpigmentation seems to have emerged almost out of nowhere to become a major skin concern, but is there actually an increasing number of women (and men) who are worried about it?

“Yes,” says Rose Schepis a former nurse and Vice President of Vera Bella Cosmetics World Wide . “I think in the US and Western Europe, the sun-worshipping trend has changed, and there is a younger demographic, women in their 20's and 30s, who are recognizing the damage that has been done and are now very concerned about skincare. I believe that hyperpigmentation is universally recognized as a sign of aging. More and more people will realize and learn just how important preventative skincare is.”

Vera Bella Cosmetics offers a wide range of colors to create natural and dramatic looks, while giving you a sense of style and quality on any budget. Vera Bella's colors are fun and exciting which allows you to enhance your true beauty. The skin care line offers many products to maintain your skin and to address specific concerns such as sensitivity, acne and aging. This is why Vera Bella Cosmetics are recommended by makeup professionals all around the world.

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