Xdata Releases Microsoft-based Software for IBM iSeries Servers.

Xdata solutions inc, a partner with both Microsoft and IBM, leaps forward to help companies modernize their midrange computing systems. New products reduce computing costs and provide frustrated 5250 software users with a friendly and familiar Windows Desktop solution. Incorporating IBM and Microsoft technologies provides a new level of user satisfaction and system reliability. Xdata solutions is located near Notre Dame University and can be reached: (574) 266-0964 or sales@xdata.com

Xdata Releases Microsoft-based Software for IBM iSeries Servers.
Elkhart, IN, August 17, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Xdata solutions, inc releases new software for IBM iSeries and IBM AS/400 based companies. New software offerings are Windows-based Desktop solutions that run on Windows XP client PCs and directly access IBM-DB2/400 files, yet these applications do not require any IBM interactive processing resources on the IBM servers.

This technology may obsolete IBM's 5250 access and employs no "screen scrapers." It allows companies running IBM Servers to replace existing IBM servers with smaller, less expensive IBM server systems. It also provides growing companies using Windows-based Servers to migrate seamlessly to IBM's I5 Server systems, which are touted for their system reliability.

Xdata has systems deployed across North America and expects more and more companies to convert to Windows-based applications that directly access the reliable midrange server families. One company running the new software says …“much friendlier than MAPICS XA and we installed it for less than the cost of maintaining MAPICS software. We particularly like its ability to send iSeries data directly into Microsoft Excel and we like the way it sends documents from the new IBM server through Microsoft-based programs like Outlook. Order Acknowledgments, Invoices, Purchase Orders and more auto-transmit via email (or fax) and are delivered instantly from the IBM iSeries for virtually nothing.”

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Reid Biberstine