HCG Diet Dangers and Myths Debunked

HCG True Diet debunks hcg diet dangers and myths.

Fort Worth, TX, July 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- There are many myths and misrepresentations about HCG Diets. HCG True Diet debunks some of the myths and other dangers associated with the diet.

The HCG Diet is a very low calorie diet combined with the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) hormone. HCG Diets report significant weight loss in a short amount of time. There is a lot of information on the HCG Diet on the internet. Although, some of this information can be accurate there are some myths and misrepresentations floating around.

The HCG True Diet has devoted a new section of its website to debunking certain hcg diet dangers and myths. Each myth/danger is described and debunked in full detail. References to established and credible medical journals are included when applicable.

Clinton Potter, VP of marketing, states "We want to tackle the common myths and misrepresentations that people are reading about the diet. Although we are biased toward the diet and believe that the diet is a great way to achieve weight loss, we have tried to present straightforward answers to the myths. One can also view the references that are included to find where the information came from and read firsthand from those sources."

Below is a current list of a myths and dangers that HCG True Diet is debunking.

Myth: An HCG Diet provides poor nutrition.
Myth: A 500 calories a day is detrimental to your health.
Myth: Not enough protein is ingested on a low calorie diet.
Myth: The HCG low calorie diet is a muscle wasting diet.
Myth: You don’t consume adequate energy calories for your body’s needs on the HCG Diet.
Myth: This diet is contrary to medical advice.
Myth: You don’t eat enough fiber on the diet.
Myth: Doing 500 calories a day for the rest of your life is impossible.
Myth: Not eating a good breakfast is just not healthy.
Myth: The HCG Diet is just another “fad” diet that won’t work long term.
Myth: The medical establishment is against using this diet.

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Clinton Potter