Peer Review Excellence - DataDrill and Code Collaborator Combined

Distributive Management, measurement experts and a leading provider of metrics dashboard software for software, systems and IT organizations, today announced a successful integration between its DataDrill EXPRESS and Smart Bears Code Collaborator.

Fredericksburg, VA, July 23, 2010 --( Distributive Management's DataDrill is used to plan, monitor and control the peer review process, while Smart Bear’s Code Collaborator is used to perform software peer reviews. When combined, they provide an integrated solution, allowing organizations to quickly lower defects, raise software quality and increase management visibility into the software development process.

The DataDrill best practice library provides a number of ready-to-use, industry best practice indicators and graphs for monitoring peer review progress and effectiveness. With built-in peer review indicators and interface to Code Collaborator, as well as databases and desktop files (such as CSV and Excel), companies can quickly realize the benefits of a peer review process with a minimum start-up time or IT involvement.

Key Features of this solution:
- Allows managers to establish planned expectations and targets for peer reviews.
- Deliver up-to-date progress information to managers regarding the peer review findings and issues.
- Built-in rule analysis alerts managers to common mistakes and potential process errors.
- Statistical analysis of peer review progress checks for unstable or erratic process implementation.
- Ready-to-use best practice indicators for peer reviews.
- Pre-built integration requires no technical support.
- Lower software defects entering unit, systems and integration test activities.
- Increase management visibility into the software development process.

About Distributive Management and DataDrill
Distributive Management is the leading provider of quantitative management and performance measurement solutions for use in projects and across the enterprise. Our metrics dashboard software, DataDrill, enables companies to more easily and more effectively implement measurement and dashboards in support of project management, performance reporting, process improvement and initiatives such as CMMI. DataDrill is being used in a wide range of industries, including defense, software/IT, technology, telecommunications, banking, and insurance. DataDrill’s customers include Arbitron, Boeing, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, GEICO, GE, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Automation, Raytheon, SAIC, and Spansion.

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