Portable Career Planning Helps Military Spouses Find Employment in a Tough Job Market

Many military spouses understand the importance of finding work that can travel with them when they move. In an increasingly competitive job market, one military spouse started a business to help fellow spouses find their competitive advantage.

Colorado Springs, CA, July 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Relocating across the country, and sometimes across the world, an average of every three to six years can make it difficult for anyone to develop a truly successful career. Add to it the stress of continual, long-term separations from one’s spouse and the anxiety associated with a loved one at war, and you have the life of many of today’s military spouses. That is why active duty Army wife, Stacy (Moore) Swearengen, is making it her mission to ease some of the inherent career obstacles of today’s military spouses. A Certified Career, Education and Adult Learning Coach, Swearengen provides all military wives with career and education counseling that is tailored to meet the demands of the unpredictable military lifestyle.

Swearengen’s coaching practice has proliferated into a series of radio talk show appearances, including Army Wife Talk Radio, Your Military Life and FRAZLED Military Wife Christian Network. Swearengen has also been a guest speaker at a variety of conferences across the nation. She is currently a Senior Contributor for the Career and Education section of Army Wife Magazine and has helped counsel military spouses, veterans and active duty service members at one of the largest military universities in the nation, University of Phoenix. Her latest achievement included an invitation to speak at the 2010 Colorado Advisory Council of Military Educators Annual Conference, held at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Swearengen’s first experience with the military occurred upon moving 1,700 miles away from the comfort of home to Fort Carson. At that time, Swearengen was unable to utilize government benefits because she was not yet married to her service member. Resources and benefits on military installations are limited to military members and their dependents. She recalls, “I made this drastic change in my life, and I did not have a job or family to support me. I felt as if something was missing. I needed a mentor to show me the ropes of the military life.”

Swearengen soon began working on ways to fill what she felt was a void in the system for military girlfriends and fiances and decided to become certified as a Career Management Coach. She also enrolled in a Master’s program in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University. This preparation led to the birth of what is now Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC.

Swearengen modeled her business entirely on the notion of personalized attention and the bond of the military community. She stated, “Because I am an independent business owner, I am able to define what population I serve and can allow spouses, girlfriends or fiancés to use my services. My goal is to help women, wherever they are in the military lifespan.”

Swearengen continues to look for ways to reach out to the military community from all branches and locations. To accommodate spouses, girlfriends and fiances across the world, her coaching services are predominantly conducted over the phone. Assistance ranges from career researching and resume writing to interview practice, scholarship and college searching, and confidence building. Swearengen states that it is possible to have a successful career as a military spouse through perseverance. “It isn’t always easy to build a career as a military spouse, but neither are the lengthy separations from our service members. We make it through that and we can make it through building a successful career too,” she asserted.

Swearengen believes that it is her duty to help her fellow spouses, stating “I owe a great deal to the individuals who have pushed me to overcome obstacles and set a good example for me to live up to. It is now my turn to do the same for others.”

Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC offers a complete range of career counseling services, including resume critiques, mock interviews, job search resources, college decision-making strategies and guidance on using military spouse benefits. If you or someone you know is a military spouse or fiancé and would like more info visit www.PortableCareerPlanning.com or email Stacy Swearengen at Stacy@portablecareerplanning.com

Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC
Stacy Swearengen