Whole Psychiatry Offers Free Educational Call to Public on Bipolar Disorder

Whole Psychiatry, a leader edge provider of psychiatric services, offers free monthly workshops by phone on mental health topics of great general interest. Their upcoming call addresses bipolar disorder. Dr. Robert Hedaya is offering a new look at Bipolar disorder on his upcoming free to the public workshop by phone, Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 12:00 PM Eastern time.

Chevy Chase, MD, July 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Whole Psychiatry, a leading edge comprehensive integrative private psychiatric practice, that provides care to local, national, and international clientele, is offering a series of free to the public workshops by phone. Dr. Robert Hedaya, founder of Whole Psychiatry, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Georgetown University Hospital, author of Understanding Biological Psychiatry, The Antidepressant Survival Program: How to Beat the Side Effects and Enhance the Benefits of Your Medication, and Depression: Advancing the Treatment Paradigm, has been teaching physicians, psychotherapists, social workers, and the public for decades. These free conference calls are the latest educational endeavor for Whole Psychiatry.

Topic of the Upcoming Workshop by Phone: Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Robert Hedaya understands the devastating effects of bipolar disorder on individuals and families, having treated the disorder for over two decades. What is well known: manic depression or bipolar disorder can be a devastating illness. Affecting at least 1% of the population, it can, untreated, result in suicide, ruined careers and devastated families. Bipolar disorder is often accompanied by alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, criminal and even violent behavior.

Dr. Robert Hedaya will discuss his findings regarding bipolar disorder and an increased sense of spirituality, creativity, and accomplishment. He hopes that by sharing his findings with the public, people with bipolar disorder and their families will have other treatment options to consider.

He is introducing another view of the disorder on his free to the public workshop b phone on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 12:00 noon Easter time. Registration for the call is free and can be done through the wholepsychiatry.com website

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