Axceleon Trail Blazes at Siggraph

Axceleon demonstrates CloudFuzion, which enables the management and control of image process and rendering in internal and external cloud infrastructures.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 22, 2010 --( Axceleon™ brings the power of the cloud to Siggraph and Hollywood in demonstrating CloudFuzion, which enables the management and control of image process and rendering in internal and external cloud infrastructures.

This month Axceleon trail blazes through the cloud computing arena as it demonstrates its latest CloudFuzion technology that accelerates image rendering on all types of clouds at Siggraph 2010, booth# 1012. This announcement comes as Amazon Web Services introduces new Cluster Compute Instances, to support customers with HPC, high technology and network sensitive applications. Axceleon once again establishes itself as a company that leads the way in technologies that will change the way “render geeks” (CG and 3D animation artists) manage their farm’s workload allowing virtual, “on demand” node management, without the need for extra equipment in the studio, proving the software to be a excellent paring with Amazon’s EC2 for its tested and true high performance roots. Also featured with CloudFuzion software will be Aspera’s high-performance fasp™ transport technology Helping to transfer large amounts of data regardless of network speed or sensitivity, thus making it a perfect match of cloud centric technologies.

Amazon, Aspera and Axceleon have proven that the cloud is a real opportunity for M&E professionals, artists and studios to use other resources at their disposal such as virtual hardware and rendering when completing the project at hand. The consumer now has more of a choice to make their life just a little bit easier. In the months to come Axceleon will debut its new creatively focused software, allowing the artistically inclined to focus less on the technical and more on their passion for great animation.

About EnFuzion For Render Farms
Axceleon Inc. is the provider of CloudFuzionTM and EnFuzion®; the high-performance distributed computing solutions for cloud environments, grids and render farms and runs natively on all major OS platforms Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS®, 64/32-bit hardware platforms. Plug-ins built for all major rendering packages. EnFuzion® was first deployed on an SGI/Irix render farm running Alias Maya® with CBS® News in 2000.

EnFuzion is also deployed in power & energy, financial, bioinformatics, telecommunications, scientific research and engineering applications. EnFuzion was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 1999. To learn more about EnFuzion, and Axceleon, please visit

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