Stethoscope Training Web Site Launches

A team of experienced MDs and developers have launched an auscultation training web site. Innovative multimedia methods to teach heart and lung sounds are used. Lessons run on PCs, Macs, iPhone & iPad.

Uniontown, PA, July 24, 2010 --( MedEdu, LLC has launched its stethoscope training web site, Over 65 heart and lung sound lessons are available, with additional lessons being developed. These 65 multimedia lessons cover nearly all common cardiac abnormalities.

Most stethoscope training courses are limited to audio and short text. Easy Auscultation lessons include audio; textual descriptions; a virtual manikin; dynamic waveforms; and a unique cardiac animation. These features provide a rich, productive learning environment.

All lessons are available on the web site without software installation. In addition to working with PC and MAC browsers, these lessons run on iPhones and iPads (without requiring a visit to the iTunes store). No other stethoscope training courses are available for all of these devices.

As part of its grand opening, the website is offering three free courses from July 22nd to August 15th. Please use the gift code: 98712365701325

The EasyAuscultation team of physicians and developers has created auscultation training courses for Lippincott, Littmann, Challenger, Cardionics and Prentice-Hall. Nearly 300,000 copies have been sold over the past six years. These auscultation training materials are now being delivered via the web, allowing immediate access by students, physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. is owned and operated by MedEdu, LLC.

MedEdu, LLC
Henry Blair