Home Roof Replacement in Pittsburgh: To Replace or Not to Replace?

Deciding whether or not to replace your home’s roof is a complicated decision. Luckily, a good honest contractor like Dave Russell of Russell Remodeling based out of Pittsburgh has addressed some factors to consider when you are faced with this decision.

Denver, CO, July 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- After that long, cold winter, many Pittsburghers are faced with a very important decision – to replace their home’s roof or not. Some homeowners experienced major leaks with the massive amounts of snowfall, while others are just looking to upgrade. Either way, home roof replacement in Pittsburgh must be done properly or the homeowner may be doing more harm than good.

There are a number of factors to consider, according to Dave Russell of Russell Remodeling at www.russellremodeling.net, before making the ultimate decision regarding home roof replacement, and with his more than 20-years of experience Dave Russell is definitely an expert in this field.

One major issue that a homeowner must face when deciding whether or not to replace their roof is cost.

“Generally, a homeowner can plan to expect around $5,000 on a home roof replacement in Pittsburgh,” said Russell. “They may be able to negotiate with their local contractor, but this is a ballpark figure for many home roof replacements.”

Another major issue is timing. Oftentimes, Russell gets the question from his customers: is the summertime the best time for a home roof replacement in Pittsburgh? “No, the weather conditions do not need to be perfectly dry to replace a roof,” he said.

While there are some procedures that professional roofers will need to do specifically for a home roof replacement in Pittsburgh, that’s why they are professionals, so homeowners can trust their decisions and roofing schedule. Summer time is a busy time for home repairs all around, but roof replacements can also be done in the spring and the fall.

Deciding what materials to use in a home roof replacement is also another important aspect of the job. While this decision is typically dependent on the home’s location and also the homeowner’s taste, some roofing material options include: asphalt composition shingles, wood shake, metal roofing, slate roofing, rubber slate or faux slate, among others.

Homeowners who are wondering what is involved in a home roof replacement in Pittsburgh, Russell offers the following insight. The process begins with removing all of the existing shingles and then making minor roofing repairs. Then the installation of ice dam protection before laying down the asphalt paper. Next the shingles are applied, starting at the eaves and working up towards the peak of the roof. Next flashing and the ridge vent are installed.

Hopefully these factors have given Pittsburgh homeowners the information they need for a home roof replacement or have at least gotten them on the right track before deciding if this project is in their future.

If a Pittsburgh homeowner has decided to undergo a home roof replacement, then be sure to consult an expert like Russell Remodeling, at www.russellremodeling.net.

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