Ultra Electronics USSI Launches Acoustic HyperShieldâ„¢ at IACP 2010 Conference

Ultra Electronics USSI launches the cutting-edge HyperShield acoustic riot shield at the IACP 2010 conference.

Columbia City, IN, July 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ultra Electronics USSI will launch the one-of-a-kind, personal acoustic HyperShield™, featuring patented HyperSpike® technology, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police to be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from October 23-27, 2010. Among the portable acoustic hailing products on display will be the first-to-market, cutting-edge HyperShield™, the only personal riot shield on the market to combine non-lethal acoustic deterrence with a lightweight, portable, carbon fiber riot shield. With 140 dB of acoustic output, the HyperShield™ easily penetrates high noise environments and helps create a safety perimeter stand-off of 50 meters with crystal clear commands, authoritative messages and piercing alert tones for crowd and riot control.

Furthermore, highlighted at Ultra’s booth #1628 is the handheld HS-Micro which packs a peak acoustic output of 139 dB to penetrate high background noise and to reach an intended target at 500 m. Traditional bull horns and common hailers frustrate the user and listener with messages that are distorted and unclear. With an exceptional STI rating of 0.85 out of 1.0, the HS-Micro brings clear and intelligible commands and authoritative messages for crowd and riot control, search & rescue, fire services, traffic control, large event management and more.

Also featured will be the HS-16 which is the ideal sound reinforcement solution for communicating longer distances. With an acoustic footprint of over 1000 meters, the HS-16 can go from storage case to fully operational in less than one minute, delivering crystal clear commands and authoritative messages, giving security personnel additional time and valuable information to evaluate a potential threat.

Ultra Electronics USSI is a global, innovative supplier the HyperSpike® family of crystal clear, long range acoustic hailing devices and mass notification systems. Being deployed world-wide, the HyperSpike® products are used in diverse applications such as crowd control, mass notification, border/port security, law enforcement, maritime security, perimeter protection and more. To find out more, please visit www.ultra-hyperspike.com or contact:

Katie Wright
Marketing & Product Manager

Ultra Electronics USSI
Katie Wright