Ontario Solar Provider Completes Construction of First Solar PV Plant, Meets 100-Day Plan

Ontario Solar Provider Inc. (OSP), one of Ontario’s leading solar photovoltaic (PV) installation firms, today announced that it had finished the construction of its first solar PV rooftop system in Toronto. OSP has fulfilled its ambitious goal of constructing a fully functioning and commercially viable PV system within 100 days of setting up business in Canada.

Toronto, Canada, July 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- At a total time of construction of less than five days, OSP’s deep experience in the PV sector appears to have played a significant role. Sebastian Seyfarth, OSP’s Director of Operations, sees this as “a critical point in our expansion into the Canadian market. The [solar PV] facility has given us the ability to analyze and understand the few but commercially critical differences of installing a PV system in Ontario as compared to other markets.” Mr. Seyfarth further mentions the significant cost savings and time efficiencies that OSP was able to achieve, using best practices learned from previous construction experience in Germany. Mr. Seyfarth adds that “we were surprised by the price inflation in some services and parts but overall, we were able to control critical costs while maintaining our high global quality and performance standards.”

OSP has set the goal to build a solar PV plant within 100 days of expanding into Ontario. Christian Wentzel, OSP’s Director of Finance, believes that it was necessary to start construction in a timely manner in order to put critical processes in place. He mentions that “it is important to get data as early in the process as possible. That is why we originally set an ambitious 100-day plan.”

Mr Seyfarth continues that it is vital to understand the cost differences across various jurisdictions to build a successful and sustainable business model. While solar PV installation does not differ significantly regionally, OSP saw it as central to its operations to isolate the main cost differences and time constraints that are specific to Ontario. Mr. Wentzel believes that “the site allows us to build a successful business in Canada based on [OSP’s] strong balance sheet and global solar PV experience.” He continues that “We have looked at the data and have come to the conclusion that expanding our operations significantly in Ontario makes great business sense. OSP now has the confidence to move full steam ahead in Ontario.”

To continue its expansion, OSP is actively looking to lease large rooftops as well as buy low-grade land to develop large-scale solar PV farms. The ideal ground-mounted PV site has more than 50 acres and is situated on land classified as CLI soil grade 3-7. As for the rooftop systems, OSP is looking at sites of 10,000 square feet and above. OSP is also searching for qualified and motivated sales personnel to facilitate the process.

Site visits: The solar PV system is located northwest of the intersection at Eglington Avenue West and Black Creek Drive in Toronto. OSP will be able to schedule individual plant tours for visitors, press and potential clients upon request. The public is also welcome to inspect the site from a publicly accessible visitor’s box by registering with OSP at info@ontariosp.com or calling 1-888 989 4OSP (888 989 4677), extension 150.

About OSP: OSP is a solar PV development and installation company, specializing in Feed-In Tariff (FIT) rooftop solar installations and ground-mounted solar farms. The company’s management has a combined experience of developing and financing more than 45,000 kW of ground-mounted installations, as well as developing and constructing more than 300 grid-connected rooftop installations, comprising more than 4,000 kW. OSP’s management have experience in Canada, Germany, Spain, the USA and five other countries and personally own more than 1,000 kW of rooftop PV systems. Directors and management have worked at leading investment, development and installation firms such as Goldman Sachs, MEP Solar, and SunTec Energiesysteme.

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