The Grauer School Appoints Clayton Payne Dean of Students

Dr. Stuart Grauer, Head of School at The Grauer School in Encinitas, announced the appointment of Clayton Payne to the position of Dean of Students.

Encinitas, CA, July 25, 2010 --( Dr. Stuart Grauer, Head of School at The Grauer School in Encinitas, announced the appointment of Clayton Payne to the position of Dean of Students. Payne, who is also Chair of the Math Department, Summer School Principal and Independent Studies Program Director at the private college prep school, brings 10 years of consecutive educational and leadership experience to this new post. He has been a catalyst in Socratic and Mastery Learning, the foundation of The Grauer School’s successful teaching philosophy.

In this expanded role, Payne will serve as the student-teacher liaison, manage parent relations, conduct disciplinary conferences and create the schedule of class offerings, sections and staff meetings. The Grauer School has been in the forefront of the Small Schools movement since inception in 1991 and defined this position as one that enhances the relationship environment to ensure positive academic and social experiences. With a student-teacher ratio of 12-to-1, communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing the successful graduate scholarship offerings that are directly correlated with a Grauer School diploma; the Dean of Students will work hard to ensure everyone from students, to teachers, to parents are heard.

According to Payne, “I’ve been with the school since 2001 and feel personally connected ---- I’m looking forward to highlighting what it is that we do that differentiates us. North County is not without its options and there truly is a place for every student. I will be working towards defining what make this the destination for so many students. We wholeheartedly embrace 21st Century education where students are electronically connected. One of the most significant aspects of our school, given the size and responsiveness to students, allows us to examine how technology works in students’ lives and incorporate this into the classroom. A true liberal arts education is interconnected with everything.”

Payne plans to incorporate the use of social media, Smartphones, email, web and other forms of technology to engage students in hands-on exercises in the field to integrate technology with real life situations and enhance the schools’ emphasis on sustainability. He elaborates, “Rather than using a paper worksheet, we’ll shoot photos or videos and exchange these images via email --- we won’t be bound by paper or exhaust unnecessary, precious resources.” He will also maintain a “Dean’s Blog” where students, teachers and parents can keep abreast of activities and will utilize Facebook as a means to reconnect with Grauer School Alumni.

The Grauer School is a private, grades 6 –12 college preparatory school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is renowned for it’s academic excellence and founding work in the field of expeditionary learning. To learn more about The Grauer School experience or to schedule a tour, visit or call 760/944-6777.

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