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In the soon-to-be-released issue 4, the Digital Forensics Magazine team take a look at how effective traditional digital forensic techniques are at obtaining forensically sound data in scenarios where computer misuse has been used in attempts to frame the innocent.

They also investigate the state of digital forensics in law enforcement around the world identifying who is doing well and who has much to do, highlighting the disparity in skills and qualifications around the world. In a world that is getting ever more interconnected and where international online crime is on the increase, adding yet even more complexity.

The fact that so many updates or new tools are being developed raises an issue that has been discussed amongst those involved in digital forensics for some time and that is the ‘validation of tools and techniques.’ There is a great deal of work being done on this topic and DFM are tracking developments and will bring news on this as soon as detail emerges from the various groups working on the problem.

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