Author Marsh Brooks Announces the Release of The Rada Girl, a Young Adult Novel, on October 1, 2011

The Rada Girl is the story of Sabrina, a 17-year-old girl, who decides to learn about voodoo while visiting her father, the US Ambassador in Haiti. Then, a series of strange events occurred leading to Peter Ivanov, the boy that she loves, being deathly ill. Will Sabrina realize that this is due to voodoo? Will she be able to save him despite the determination of powerful people who want stop her?

Miami, FL, September 28, 2011 --( In The Rada Girl, Author Marsh Brooks tells the story of Sabrina Jacobs who is spending the summer with her father, the US Ambassador in Haiti. Sabrina wants to learn more about the Haitian culture, including the voodoo religion, to write about it on her college application, but she doesn’t take it seriously. However, a series of strange events leading to the mysterious illness of Peter Ivanov, the boy she loves, makes Sabrina wonder whether she was wrong.

Meanwhile, Peter is getting close to death, and the doctors don’t know what to do about it. Rumor has it that Peter is under a voodoo spell, and that for Peter to survive, Sabrina may have to give her life for him. Will Sabrina believe it and, if so, will she take the steps needed to save Peter before it’s too late?

To complicate matters, there are some powerful people in Haiti that do not want Peter to survive, and who will stop at nothing to prevent Sabrina from saving him. Will the story have a happy ending? Find out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on October 1st.

The Rada Girl has it all: young romance, love and betrayal, supernatural suspense and more.

Marsh Brooks