First Web-Based Apple iPad Application for Managing Research Papers

WizFolio announces release of first web-application for managing your research information and documents on the iPad.

Singapore, Singapore, July 28, 2010 --( WizFolio announces the first web-based iPad application for managing and reading your research papers on the cloud. WizFolio has incorporated the best multi-touch capabilities offered by the iPad to provide for an easy and elegant way to manage your research information; PDFs can be displayed with a single tap and rapidly browsed by swiping. In addition, the WizFolio team has succeeded in maintaining the clean look and feel of the original version. Many of the useful features of the original WizFolio also continue to be available on the iPad. For instance, users will still be able to view and manage YouTube videos inside WizFolio on their iPads. The technical team has also built import capabilities so that users of other journal reference managers can easily import their collection of research papers into WizFolio and view them on iPad.

“Early on, we recognized that the iPad and other tablet-class devices will forever change the way students and researchers access educational and research information,” notes CEO Dr. Casey Chan. “We are pleased to be one of the first to build a web-app for tablets that will facilitate access and management of research information on the cloud. The technology that we have built will be Android ready whenever the Android tablets become available.”

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About Us
WizFolio is developed by a privately held Singapore company founded by two serial entrepreneurs. Founders Wade Fallin and Dr. Casey Chan are also partners in a technology accelerator fund called VentureMD (

Dr. Casey Chan was a co-founder and CEO of an eLearning company called WizLearn. He is also an adjunct professor at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Division of Bioengineering at the National University of Singapore.

WizFolio's technology reflects the deep experience of the two founders. The design philosophy of the application is focused on simplicity, usability and structural elegance.

Casey Chan MD