MIRAI-TOUCH Now with Multi-Language Support for Foreign Customer and Visitor Care

Gotanda Denshi Co., ltd. now developing multi-language support for their in-store sales enhancing software solution MIRAI-TOUCH, targeting businesses that offer goods and services to foreign customers and visitors.

Tokyo, Japan, July 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Japan has eased its conditions at the beginning of July this year for granting visas to individual Chinese tourists, giving China's growing middle class more opportunities to visit the country. The number of Chinese visitors to Japan rose 36 percent in the first five months of this year from the same period last year to about 600,000.

Takahisa Kashiwagi, executive director at the Beijing office of the Japan National Tourism Organization, forecasts the 2010 tally will total an all-time high of about 1.3 million Chinese visitors, up from a record 1.01 million in 2009.

“We understand the needs of businesses that want to benefit from rising visitor numbers in Japan. Our innovative sales promotion application MIRAI-TOUCH answers these needs, now better than ever thanks to multi language support,” said Yoshida.

MIRAI-TOUCH now supports multiple languages, including Chinese, showing product details, displaying latest related news, and shop information among others. This comes in handy, especially for businesses like department stores, hotels and boutiques that see an increase in foreign customers.

The service, now being tested and adjusted to current client businesses, is planned to be launched in September later this year. The initial installation of the whole system takes about 2 – 3 months, installation fees starting at 3 million yen.

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New conditions for granting visas to individual Chinese tourists in Japan.

Until now travel visas have been given out only to wealthy Chinese, but since July 1, 2010 the relaxed rules will allow another 16 million households (10 times the size of the previous pool of potential travelers) to apply for a trip to Japan, the Foreign Ministry said.

The government will reportedly lower the minimum annual income level to 60,000 Yuan (about 800,000 yen) from 250,000 Yuan (3.34 million yen), which is nearly 14 times the average income in China's urban areas. A Foreign Ministry official however declined to disclose the specific level, saying factors other than income will also be considered.

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