DBZ Guitars Launches ‘The DBZ Experience’

Northbrook, IL, July 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- DBZ Guitars launches their new interactive website, “The DBZ Experience” and it is live as of this morning at www.dbzguitars.com/experience.

Viewers should click the full screen option in the lower right corner for the full experience.

“The DBZ Experience” is inspired by technology used in the movie industry to create a site of epic proportions. Through full screen imagery, users get an “in your face” look at every detail of a DBZ Guitar. Web visitors are greeted with near-life-like shots of beautifully lit DBZ guitars while ambient music streams from the interactive audio player. Full screen & Hide Menu options are available to create a screen saver of DBZ eye candy or users can navigate further to view the entire collection of DBZ Guitars. Each guitar within the DBZ catalog is showcased supersized, forcing users to mouse around for an extreme view of all the intricacies of the instrument. “The DBZ Experience” gives users the sense of having the instruments right there in front of them.

“Whenever I am with an artist or have visitors to the factory, they are always awestruck when they actually get to see & feel the guitars… mostly due to our unique carving and custom engraving…we want to give our web audience that same DBZ experience,” says Dean B. Zelinsky, CEO and founder of DBZ Guitars.

In addition to the advanced graphics, the new site also features easy and intuitive navigation. Users can view specs, search and find dealers online, and even opt for a slideshow look at the instruments. Access to the companies’ interactive forum and social media network is clearly accessible though icons at bottom of the page or via a drop down menu.

To learn more about The DBZ Experience visit http://www.dbzguitars.com/experience

About DBZ Guitars
DBZ Guitars is the new creation of master guitar builder Dean Zelinsky and Jeff Diamant, President and CEO of Diamond Amplification. DBZ Guitars is taking guitar building to the next level by embracing modern technology, new design concepts and 30 plus years of Zelinsky’s experience as an innovator and guitar designer for the stars. The company has a USA facility in the Chicago, IL suburbs, offshore manufacturing and worldwide distribution. DBZ Guitars offers an extensive line of electric and acoustic guitars ranging from $ 299 to $6,000. www.dbzguitars.com

DBZ Guitars
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