Vampire Mania Ignites Surge of Interest in Villain Featured in New Book from Reign Dance Publishing

The vampire rage taking America by storm has sent people flocking to the website of publisher and author Charles Allen to get the scoop on his hellraising star.

West Orange, NJ, July 28, 2010 --( A demon named Wolvzbeere is causing a stir among vampire fans anxious to know who this new sucker is. Actually, "suckah" is what he's called in Charles Allen's The Gangsta Prophecy, a novel scheduled for release September 25. Although Wolvzbeere is no vampire in the classic sense, meaning he doesn't steal the life force of humans by drinking their blood, he does feed on them in a way that is even more terrifying because it's not just folklore. It's real.

Like vampires, he stalks unwary victims in the night but without the usual black cape of Dracula fame. Veiled instead by the satin cover of the spirit realm, he enters sleeping bodies and leeches their energy to maintain his immortality. Sometimes his captives awaken and fight to break free but he holds them paralyzed beneath his tremendous strength, sucking them dry night after night, until they're ready for the grave.

As a Christian, Allen was initially against turning Wolvzbeere loose on a vampire loving society. He feared it would inspire an unhealthy attraction to demons. Now, however, he sees his potential rise as an opportunity to expose them and shed light on what he calls "the real power of the cross, the only thing humans have to protect themselves from darkness."

"Vampire mania has thrown me a double edge sword," says Allen. "One edge represents good, the other, evil. If I portray the dark side without balancing it with the light it would be a great disservice to mankind. What I plan to do is go beyond the false symbolism of the cross as a weapon that sends vampires running. I'll show that it's actually the authority given to believers in the resurrection of Christ that shields them from the creatures of the night."

Allen has a new book in the works starring Wolvzbeere called Vampires vs Demons. In it, he gets to bust a lot of myths, even more than he does in The Gangsta Prophecy. But he believes The Gangsta Prophecy is going to be a classic, so he advises readers not to miss Wolvzbeere in action. Demons vs Vampires picks up where the first book leaves off but takes a wild turn and gets heavier into the blood and gore. "Get ready," he says. "This one won't be for the fainthearted."

Charles Allen is author of The Gangsta Prophecy and president of Reign Dance Publishing, publisher of urban and paranormal fiction.

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