Enliven Group LLC Teams Up with Music Education Website MikesLessons.com

Utah based Internet marketing firm, Enliven Group LLC has joined forces with MikesLessons.com, a groundbreaking website offering music education to drummers from beginning to advanced skill levels.

Salt Lake City, UT, July 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- This cooperative relationship is more than just another client and more than just another business deal though. “I am one of Mike’s students, and we both have a deep love for drumming and a deep appreciation for the opportunities the Internet in general provides,” says Sean Burrows, co-founder and Managing Director of Enliven Group. “To be able to work with both topics on the high level that this relationship presents is almost a dream come true; except this isn’t something I could have possibly anticipated or planned, it is just serendipitous and exciting.”

Modern technology has dramatically changed music in so many ways, from higher quality instruments and equipment manufacturing to creating sounds and styles that have never been experienced before. Now it is music education’s turn, and Mike Johnston is leading the way. He has been able to deliver an Ivy-level education to more drum set students in less time, for a fraction of the cost of taking lessons from a local professional, and certainly at an institution.

MikeLessons.com offers 12 live online lessons per week for a whopping $20 per month, but students and professionals alike can buy single, 5 minute, iPod lessons for $1.99. Mike says, “This website started with the iPod lessons. All pre-recorded, edited footage I thought would be great for drummers to download for $1.99 a piece, because until then, if anyone wanted to learn anything, you had to buy a $40.00 DVD. And you have to get the whole DVD just to learn this one afro-given rhythm. So I thought if I just sold each one individually, a professional drummer who is already a great player, but has a gig and doesn’t know what the Cumbia is he can just go through my site. I definitely wasn’t doing it to make a big profit. I was hoping the site would just pay for itself.”

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