Xclaimed Ministries Hosts an Evangelistic Carnival and Concert in the City of Stanton

Xclaimed Ministries hosts an evangelistic carnival and concert at Norm Ross Sports Field in the City of Stanton. Thousands of the local community residents came to this event.

Stanton, CA, July 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Xclaimed Ministries hosted a community concert and carnival in the city of Stanton last weekend, July 23, 24 and 25. The ministry wanted to bring family fun and entertainment while providing a message of Hope to the community. Thousands of people attended this event in the Norm Ross Sports Field. The concerts and admission were free and the carnival rides were fairly inexpensive. The on-site food was prepared and sold by both Xclaimed Ministries and Carmen’s Tacos to the rave reviews of the carnival guests.

On Saturday, the concerts began at 1:45pm with the Lighthouse Worship Band, Red Letter Edition, Sustenance of God and the Xclaimed Ministries Band. Pastor Billy Karanick gave an astounding message of Hope to the community. Pastor Billy quoted Romans 10:13, “Whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” People applauded as he gave the message that the word “whoever” means all people have this opportunity.

Paul Karanick gave a personal testimony about the spiritual battles that are involved in putting together an evangelistic event. He said, "This week alone, my baby boy became extremely sick, on the way to the doctor, the car began to smoke as gas leaked onto the engine, my wife got sick with a stomach virus, and minutes before I came up to preach my wife called and said the pain in her stomach is so bad that she can’t get off the floor." Paul looked out at the crowd and said, "There is a spiritual battle going on and it is not coincidence, God is talking to someone tonight."

Later on, Paul was walking by one of the vendors and said, "I wish we had more people to come to your booth." Pedro replied, "I don’t care about the people. I was able to sit here and read a Bible that your dad gave me. When I heard you preach I gave my life to the Lord. I have so much peace right now. It feels good."

Over 30 people accepted Jesus that night.

As Paul was walking past one of the carnival workers, about 70 yards from the stage, he asked her, "Didn’t you come to pray at the worship service?" She replied, "I sure did. When I heard you say God is talking to someone, I wanted you to know he was talking to me. I told my boss I was leaving my booth and going to the stage to pray. He said that I could not go. I said, I have to go. I ran to the stage and accepted Jesus."

On Saturday at 8:00pm, the entire carnival came to a halt as everyone hurried to the stage to hear the names of the sixteen children that would win new bicycles. Savannah Karanick reached into the box of entries and drew out the sixteen names and Pastor Phil Eyskens announced each winner to the audience. Paul Karanick, President of Xclaimed Ministries, said that the ministry has given away over 90 bicycles over the past year and they look forward to giving away many, many more bicycles in the days ahead. Karanick added that Xclaimed Ministries hopes to triple the amount of bicycles given away by Christmas.

Karanick says, "The carnival was a great way to connect with the community. We met so many of our neighbors and had a great time hearing about their families, personal stories and prayer requests. We look forward to providing more events for the community, giving away more toys, bicycles and food. We will be posting our new Schedule of Events on our website in September."

For more information about Xclaimed Ministries or to sign up for their newsletter, visit www.xclaimed.org or call (714)803-9692.

Bicycle Winners: Evandy Molina (Stanton), Crystal Marcias (Stanton), Abraham (Stanton), Yolanda Lozano (Stanton), Ofelia Aguilar (Stanton), Finau Teaupa (Stanton), Noah Galindo (Stanton), Bella Perez (La Dera Ranch), Autumn Ross (Stanton), Charles Luna (Westminster), Mario Cuaya (Garden Grove), Tyler Cameron (Anaheim), Seth Mendoza (Stanton), Jose Bricero (Stanton), Selene Fiewo (Stanton), Bethsadie Nito (Stanton).

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