Search Marketing Goes Real-Time with UK Start-Up

Contextured Ltd launches AdTime the first real-time search marketing tool, offering instantaneous pay-per-click (PPC) traffic information, analysis and execution, plus automated AdWords support.

London, United Kingdom, July 29, 2010 --( Contextured Limited, a UK-based technology start-up, announced today the launch of an innovative software service called AdTime, which offers real-time pay-per-click campaign management on Google and other search engines.

Website owners will now be able to watch in real-time as visitors arrive at their site and see the keywords and adverts which brought them there. Owners can then instantly edit their keywords, adverts or bids as they watch the live traffic so as to take advantage of trends and correct potentially costly errors. Currently website owners must wait at least three hours to see the results of changes to their campaigns on AdWords.

As co-founder and CEO, Michael Oxley, explains: “Three hours is a long time on the web. It’s enough time to spend a lot of money on the wrong keywords and adverts; a three hour information delay might as well be a three day delay.”

Oxley adds: “With Contextured’s AdTime PPC service, you’re in control from the moment you start your PPC campaign. Expensive, irrelevant keyword matches can be eliminated, while relevant ones can be expanded, and advert text can be optimised based on click through rates. All this can save a lot of your advertising budget and get your campaign off to the right start, delivering you the right kind of traffic from the word go. Campaigns can now be tuned and optimised within the first three hours of their going live.”

Oxley confirmed: “Like many breakthroughs, our real-time PPC proposition was born out of necessity. While managing other web campaigns, our team found that a lot of money and opportunity was being lost in the early stages of an advertising campaign. Our aim is make web marketing instant and interactive, and therefore deliver significant cost savings.”

The Contextured AdTime service also provides historical traffic data for trend analysis, a fully-functional interface allowing multiple campaign creation and editing, keyword selection, and budget setting. If any trend is spotted, such as a particularly poorly or highly performing keyword, its budget can be limited or extended, with changes going live immediately and the results being instantly visible.

Furthermore, multi-platform integration means advertisers need only create campaigns once and publish them simultaneously on both Google and Yahoo.


About Contextured Limited:
Contextured Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Michael Oxley, an IT and marketing professional with several years experience in Fortune 500 companies, and Dr Rajesh Pampapathi, who has a PhD in machine learning and computational linguistics from London. Together they have built a team of dedicated programmers taken from business and academia. Contextured is backed by angel funding and has been in incubation for just over a year. It has offices in central London.
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