Mom of Helmeted Baby Creates Niche Accessory Business to Decorate Helmets and Bands

When her 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly and was going to need to wear a corrective helmet, this mom looked on the bright side and designed accessories to decorate and enhance her daughter's helmet. She is now sharing these creations on

O'Fallon, MO, July 30, 2010 --( When Lindsay and Caleb Boudinot found out that their 7 month-old daughter Taylor was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, a condition involving a flattening of the head, and would need to be fitted with a corrective infant helmet, they did what many parents do. They agonized, researched, looked for support groups, and decided to make the best of the situation to minimize any trauma that Taylor might experience from being helmeted.

Then Lindsay did something different. After looking on the Internet for ways to decorate or accessorize her baby’s helmet, there were few options, except for a few do-it-yourself projects. She noticed inquiries from other moms on this same topic. That’s when the light bulb went on for Lindsay. She would design accessories for babies around the world faced with this and similar conditions requiring the use of corrective helmets or bands.

After creating a variety of creative bodysuits or “onesies,” hats, stickers, bows, flowers, and most recently a “helmet graduate” display shelf, all of the items were displayed at her website She also created a Facebook page Plagiocephaly Stylin Baby Helmets where families can get updates on product information and offerings. The page also offers gift certificates for friends and family to buy.

The slogans for the bodysuits and stickers offer fun and lighthearted sayings to lighten the seriousness of a baby wearing a helmet or band, such as “The longer you stare, the cuter I look,” “My parents are crazy drivers,” and “I do my own stunts” Many slogans are accompanied by stick figure pictures that match the saying.

So as moms do, Lindsay Boudinot took adversity and made it into a positive venture for her family and families of other children. She is now contacting doctors, support groups, and other avenues to reach the parents of children who need to wear the helmets or bands, hoping to smooth the way and make the time a little more “fun” and “Stylin’” for their children as well as for her daughter, Taylor.

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