Dr. Leigh-Davis is Divulging Women’s Naughty Secrets on “The Real Deal”

Dr. Leigh-Davis, host of “The Real Deal” radio show, is continuing the popular topic: “Evil Things Women Do.”

Los Angeles, CA, July 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- “The Real Deal” radio show, hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is broadcasting part two of “Evil Things Women Do.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is a female law professor, retired attorney, and media personality best known for appearing regularly on television news programs as a legal analyst and legal commentator. Now, Dr. Leigh-Davis is becoming well-known for divulging women’s naughty secrets. “This topic has turned out to be so popular, I would not be surprised if we broadcast part three, four, and five,” stated Dr. Leigh-Davis a week after the airing of part one.

Based on the previous callers, men not only seem to be very, very interested in the topic “Evil Things Women Do;” several men seemed to be somewhat fed up with several things women do. Of course, as with most topics discussing men and women, sex has been an integral part of the discussion. Currently, the discussion has stayed “PG” rated. However, there is a possibility future episodes of this topic may be for “mature audiences only.”

“Thus far, not a single woman has called in. I don’t know if that is a coincidence, or because they are boycotting me. I know, whenever I have spoken about the topic ‘Evil Things Women Do,’ I have been attacked and ostracized by women,” elaborated Dr. Leigh-Davis.

In fact, the topic “Evil Things Women Do” has proved to be so popular, Dr. Leigh-Davis is presently in negotiations for a book on the topic. When asked what type of book this would be, Dr. Leigh-Davis responded, “The book would be categorized as satirical/self-improvement nonfiction. Of course, it would have a strong flair of comedic wit.” Comedic wit is something Dr. Leigh-Davis prides herself on being able to give an abundance of, and others often describe her as “the life of the party.” Unfortunately, many women would probably classify Dr. Leigh-Davis as “the downer of the party,” and have made public attacks against her philosophies.

In addition to exposing the tricks, games and manipulations women use on men and others, Dr. Leigh-Davis details her “old fashion” philosophies. Among other things, Dr. Leigh-Davis believes men who are the household breadwinners should not have to cook, clean, or worry about anything related to household maintenance. She describes the women’s lib movement of the 1960s and 1970s as causing many problems; and Dr. Leigh-Davis has said, “’The Rules’ book is a ludicrous and ridiculous book that preaches how to capture a man through trickery and false pretenses.”

“The Real Deal” radio show, hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, airs Live on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday at 10PM Pacific Time. Subsequently, archived episodes of “The Real Deal” can be found at the website of Blog Talk Radio. Additionally, more information can be found at Dr. Leigh-Davis’ website.

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