Plantation Capital Gains PLC Status in Expansion and Transparency Drive

UK based company Plantation Capital have recently achieved Public Limited Company status as part of their planned expansion drive and effort to provide greater transparency to clients. Plantation Capital PLC aims to become the only listed company in the UK specialising in tropical timber, commercial farming and biofuels.

London, United Kingdom, July 30, 2010 --( As well as having successfully established and managed plantations over the last 4 years, Plantation Capital PLC are now expanding heavily into Thailand and Africa.

Asia Plantation Capital, the management company of Plantation Capital PLC., recently entered into a joint venture with Thai Orchids Laboratories, one of Thailand’s most established Forestry Biotechnology companies, to develop and manage their plantations using the latest techniques to enhance production and minimise environmental impact.

Part of this expansion has included the acquisition of the most advanced teak plantations in the world under the management of Asia Plantation Capital and Thai Orchids Laboratories, offering standing timber investments to the market with short-term returns in around 7 years, and a solid underlying timber asset from day one.

Plantation Capital PLC spokeswoman Shelley Low comments:-

"Having just returned from a field trip to our plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand, I am excited at the quality prospects we can offer to our clients in the timber marketplace. Compared to plantations managed by other operators worldwide, ours not only have blue chip management and established plantation records since 1979, but are in the best proven locations for all our selected species.

"We are also investing heavily in building our own agarwood processing factory and distillery in Thailand under the management of Thai Orchids Laboratories. This step will allow us to maximize and safeguard our clients’ returns from agarwood trees by moving the entire production process for agarwood products (oil, woodchips and shavings for incense production) in-house. Consequently, we will be supplying direct to major retailers globally."

As well as owning and operating the world’s most advanced teak and agarwood plantations, Asia Plantation Capital are now establishing a major commercial bamboo plantation project for both food and bamboo timber production. Bamboo is one of the most exciting and underutilised sustainable resources in the world, with uses ranging from construction and flooring to medicines, clothing and foodstuffs.

Timber is widely regarded as a solid investment compared to the more recent volatile traditional markets, where timber has quietly outperformed all commodities including stocks, bonds and property consistently for nearly the last century.


Asia Plantation Capital:

Asia Plantation Capital is a plantation management company strengthened and backed by private equity. Asia Plantation Capital are aiming to become the largest commercial forestry and agricultural operator in South East Asia and Africa, offering the best growth prospects financially, ethically and socially. Asia Plantation Capital currently has offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Sri Lanka.

Plantation Capital PLC:

Plantation Capital Plc. is the London based sales and marketing arm of Asia Plantation Capital and is managed by a professional team of directors, employees, consultants and advisors.

Thai Orchid Laboritories:

TOC Lab (Thailand) Ltd. is a modern affiliated laboratory that offers high quality mericlone and seed culturing services for the orchids, forestry and ornamental plants industry Thai Orchid Laboratories was founded in 1988.

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