Curb King Introduces Cable Installation System for Landscape Curbing

Brigham City, UT, July 30, 2010 --( Curb King announced that it has introduced an apparatus for installing reinforcing cable in landscape curbing. Curb King feels the patent pending apparatus and process will revolutionize the landscape curbing industry by creating a superior product for the consumer.

The advantage to the homeowner and the landscape curb contractor is a more durable product that will look better for many more years. It will prevent early removal of the curb due to ground movement and other external forces.

The Curb King cable system installs a eight inch galvanized cable in the middle of the extruded cement curbing. The eighth inch cable increases the tensile strength of the curb, creating a stronger more durable product. The cable also connects the curb segments together preventing misalignments and separation over the life of the curb.

The Curb King Cable System will work on any of Curb King's seven curb machine models and is also able to be used on curb machines made by other manufacturers.

Curb King is the oldest continuous manufacturer of landscape curb machines and curbing equipment in the USA.

Curb King
Lane McKinnon