Medac and Mobile Epiphany to Deliver Intraoperative Data Collection for Anesthesiologists

The two companies have partnered to offer next generation intraoperative data collection solutions that will give anesthesiologists a competitive advantage.

Aurora, CO, July 30, 2010 --( Georgia-based Medac and Colorado-based Mobile Epiphany have partnered to offer next-generation intraoperative data collection and data lookup solutions for anesthesiologists. These solutions are specifically designed to run on pocket sized touch devices as well as touch slate computers. Medac will use Mobile Epiphany’s Touch Inspect software to develop and offer a range of Anesthesia specific, expert solutions. The partnership is an effort to offer anesthesiologists faster, highly trainable, and more efficient alternatives to traditional methods of data collection currently being used by doctors such as paper-based forms and difficult-to-train applications on handheld devices.

“Quality measurement data is becoming an invaluable asset to many facets of the perioperative physician practice. This data is instrumental in proving clinical excellence, which is the best way for physician groups to establish value and strengthen their position with hospital administration and third party payers,” said John Memar, Medac Founder and Board Chairman.

Gregory R. Zinser, Medac Chief Executive Officer, said “Medac will use Mobile Epiphany’s Touch Inspect software to develop and offer a range of anesthesia-specific solutions that will create new standards for efficiency and ease of use. Our first application of this new technology will allow anesthesia groups to differentiate themselves and create competitive advantages by having the capability to electronically capture performance and outcomes quality measures at the point of service and report those results to facilities, national registries and managed care companies.”

Medac will market the new product under the name ProgressiveMDSolutions, and will demonstrate their “Quality Capture” application at the 2010 ASA meeting this October. In the interim, please call Arthur Cox, Sr. VP of Information Technology at 1-800-883-8003 for more information regarding product capabilities and future applications under development.

About Medac
Medac is one of the nation’s largest companies independently owned and dedicated exclusively to anesthesia and pain billing and practice management. Medac’s services are designed to assist clients with the business management functions associated with the delivery of anesthesia services, in particular, the billing and collection functions, thereby permitting physicians and hospitals to focus on providing quality medical services to their patients. For more information, visit

About Mobile Epiphany
Mobile Epiphany is a Colorado software company and the developers of Touch Inspect—a Highly configurable asset (patient) inspection and user decision support application for Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile devices. For more information, visit

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