Trinity Lace Wigs "Stand Up to Cancer" with Free Hair Shaving for Cancer Patients

Local (San Antonio, TX) salon owner offers free hair shaving services for cancer patients in show of support. Many cancer survivors shared with Stephanie Anderson of Trinity Lace Wigs that the thought of ultimately losing their hair during chemotherapy was devastating, but the act of shaving their heads during chemo gave them a sense of control; this free service was birthed out of that sentiment.

San Antonio, TX, July 30, 2010 --( For some facing cancer treatment; the side effects from chemo or the threat of losing a breast is not as difficult emotionally as losing their hair. They despise the thought of handfuls of hair gradually coming out slowly and randomly. Often during cancer treatment hair loss is experienced. Cancer drugs target quickly dividing cells, and that includes the cells in hair follicles. Patients tend to lose their hair 10 to 14 days after the start of chemo. It can take several weeks for it to grow back, but by that time they’re probably getting more chemo, so they end up being bald for a long time. Some customers awaken to hair on their pillows; seeing clumps of hair in combs/brushes during grooming or losing their tresses while showering or shampooing.

In a show of support for cancer patients and in conjunction with the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, Stephanie Anderson owner of Trinity Lace Wigs is offering free hair shaving for Cancer Patients. Trinity Lace Wigs provides affordable hair replacement services for medically related hair loss. Ms. Anderson is a licensed cosmetologist and a hair replacement specialist who volunteers monthly for a national program that was created to help individuals with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence.

“In my line of business, it is very common to see balding or bald heads,” said Ms. Anderson, “I am used to hair loss in customers and accept it as par for the course; however, as a woman I recognize the impact that severe hair loss or total baldness has on a customer, especially my female ones.” Many cancer survivors have stated that the thought of ultimately losing their hair during chemotherapy was so devastating, but the proactive act of shaving their heads gave them a sense of control. “Once a customer comes in and is able to share their experience with me a lot of emotions arise. I attempt to show as much support as possible. That is why I try to encourage all of my customers to be vigilant with their health through testing and early detection. A stage one breast cancer found on a mammogram is 97 percent curable,” she said, “many diseases can be curable when detected early.”

Stand Up to Cancer is a groundbreaking movement that in 2008 proved to be a fundraising phenomenon that raised more than $100 million for cancer research. Ms. Anderson is hoping that by providing this free service that she will be able to promote the need for the support of cancer patients. The upcoming primetime telecast of Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) will air on September 10, 2010. This show is packed with star-studded appeal that is targeted to build continuing public support for cutting-edge cancer research and treatments that benefit patients.

If you desire this free cutting service or know of someone who does in the San Antonio or surrounding area, please contact Stephanie at (210) 858-8554 or to make an appointment. This service is by appointment only.

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