Zoompass Enhances Mobile Wallet and Makes Money Transfers Free

Toronto, Canada, July 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- EnStream LP, Canada’s leading mobile commerce company, announced today that domestic person-to-person (P2P) money transfers are now free through the Zoompass Mobile Wallet. By removing the fees on domestic money transfers and increasing sending limits, the Zoompass Wallet brings us a step closer to realizing the vision of a cashless society.

“There is no cost to consumers for transacting with cash today, so in this sense we feel it’s appropriate for us to remove the P2P transaction fees for the same transaction that could be done electronically through the Zoompass Mobile Wallet,” said Robin Dua, President of EnStream LP.

“By removing the P2P fees when sending funds from a Zoompass account, we open up a whole new market opportunity associated with micro transactions,” said Dua. Zoompass users can now pay back friends for a coffee, lunch or even the office lottery pool without incurring any fees. These everyday transactions can now be done electronically, more conveniently and at no cost via the Zoompass Mobile Wallet.

With recent changes to account limits, Zoompass Wallet users can also use the service for larger transactions. Zoompass users can now pay their nanny, send money to their kids off at university, or pay for their hockey league team dues all with just a few keystrokes on their mobile phone.

EnStream is a partnership of Canada’s leading wireless carriers, Bell, Rogers, and TELUS. The company launched the award-winning Zoompass Mobile Wallet in 2009 and began offering Canadians a revolutionary way to send, receive, and request money using the mobile phone.

The Zoompass wallet is now pre-loaded on many mobile phones and is also available for download at www.zoompass.com.

New Zoompass fee structure:

Open a Zoompass Account - Free

Send Money

- From Zoompass Account - Now Free

- From Credit Card - 3.5%

Receive Money - Free

New Zoompass Limits:

Maximum Transaction Amount

- Daily - Now $750

- Weekly - Now $1000

- Monthly - Now $2500

Maximum Allowable Balance - Now $2500

The Zoompass wallet will continue to expand with exciting new capabilities that will change the way people transact and interact with their money. “We have been working very hard and look forward to soon announcing several new services that will further demonstrate the convergence of the leather wallet and mobile phone,” stated Dua.

About EnStream LP

EnStream LP is a mobile commerce company working to bring transformational wireless payment solutions to market together with its carrier partners. With anytime-anywhere money transfers and payments representing a new frontier of wireless services, EnStream’s mandate is to develop standardized, secure, and easy-to-use mobile commerce services that work across Canadian wireless carriers and with existing credit, debit, and prepaid capabilities offered by financial institutions. EnStream is a joint venture company owned by Canada’s three leading national wireless operators – Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications Inc., and TELUS Corporation. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For further information, please visit www.enstream.com.

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