Sleep Paralysis 411 is Launched Into the Blogosphere

People experiencing sleep paralysis can learn what it is and how to prevent it with the Sleep Paralysis 411 blog by urban and paranormal fiction writer Charles Allen.

West Orange, NJ, August 02, 2010 --( Sleep paralysis, a condition where people awaken and find themselves unable to move or speak will be covered by Allen who has personally experienced the paralysis hundreds of times over the course of forty-seven years. The author considers himself an authority on the subject and offers advice to visitors who are encouraged to share their own struggles and how it has affected their lives.

"One thing we need to understand," says Allen, "is that sleep paralysis is not a sleeping disorder. These are not nightmares or hallucinations as many have claimed. They are attacks by spiritual entities, and the moment we accept that, we can move forward and properly deal with the issue."

Dealing with the issue of sleep paralysis, according to Allen, means making lifestyle changes that will eliminate the frequency of each occurrence and put people in control when it happens. Some of the areas of change he suggests include one's sleeping pattern, choice of entertainment, associations, thoughts and beliefs. "I've been in this battle a long time," he says. "I've been attacked, chased out my house, and forced to spend many nights in fear. But not anymore. I've found the solution, and anyone willing to take a few simple steps can experience the peace of mind I now have."

Charles Allen writes the Sleep Paralysis 411 blog and is author and publisher of the urban/paranormal novel The Gangsta Prophecy.

Sleep Paralysis 411
Charles Allen