The Members Are Back

The Members Are Back
London, United Kingdom, July 31, 2010 --( The Members, the band that bought you the MTV hit "Working Girl" are back.

The Members release "Live in Berlin" in The USA.

The Members Digital Catalogue Finally available on iTunes

It was 1979 when The Members first hit the US with what was then called the "2nd British Invasion." Propelled by the energy of Punk, a bunch of great songs and a legendary live show they soon established themselves as favourites on the New York and LA club scene.

In the 80's they led a Spinal Tap-like existence touring endlessly across north America, experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles to the tragi-comic supporting of a fashion show in long island. They hung out with The Ramones and Blondie around the Kidney Shaped pool at the Hollywood motel where Sam Cooke was Shot, Guitarist JC Carroll had an affair with a Go Go, Slept with The Dead Kennedy's Manager, They Partied with Iggy Pop in New York, Tom Petty in the Mid West, talked cars and girls with "The Boss" in Asbury Park, were entertained by Mobsters in New York, Played on A Riverboat in New Orleans. Travelled 35,000 miles across 50 states of the USA in a Ford econo-line living on $20 a day, Jack Daniels, pabst blue ribbon beer, microwave burritos and show salads. For Rock and Roll they have played at Midnight in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Spring Break in Daytona Beach, were locked in a Dutch immigration prison cell, fined by highway patrols, refused entry to Canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, spat at, showered with coins and bottles. They've made love to some beautiful women been chased by jealous boyfriends, stalked by transvestites, they stayed in Plush hotels in Paris and cockroach infested immigrant dives in Southern Texas.

Even though they had a Million Selling anthem and live favourite "Sound of the Suburbs" in the UK it wasn't till 1983 that they had their US success "Working Girl" was huge MTV hit that established the band right across the USA and crossed them over from their punk roots to the mainstream 80's music scene.

In 1984 the Band split exhausted by endless touring and contractual wrangling. The Masters of the massive hit Sound of the Suburbs lay undisturbed in the basement of Abbey Road Studios for twenty six years. Working Girl was discontinued on Vinyl and never even made it onto CD.

The Members often described as Post Punk were never part of the Hardcore Punk Scene of the 80's and suffered from being tagged as such. Bassist Chris Payne and Guitarist JC Carroll are both fine Songwriters and lyricist Nicky Tesco always had a great eye for detail, with Tesco now retired from the Live scene due to ill health, it is Carroll and Payne with New Boy Nick Cash on drums who continue to plough their Anglo-centric furrow across the European and UK Stages wowing European Audiences with their uncompromising energy and passion.

Back And Bigger Than Ever

After re-forming in 2009 to play on the punk-revival circuit The Members were soon back in the mainstream. This year paradoxically "The Members" played to some of their biggest UK audiences ever at Glastonbury and the The Isle of Wight festivals, where a large part of the 5,000 strong audience were soon singing along. Proving, 30 years later Sound of the Suburbs and Working Girls are still irresistible anthems and "The Members" are part of the New English Hymnbook.

The Members are still a great live Band and with the Live in Berlin Album you can hear the original material as if you were in the Mosh Pit in Berlin. This is exactly how the crowd at the late 70's NY Mudd club or Berlin So36 would have heard them.

"Live in Berlin" has an Artwork Concept by New Wave design Legend and Royal Designer for Industry Malcolm "Assorted iMaGes" Garrett and was Mixed by Cure Producer and Human League Engineer David "Dare" Allen appropriately on a desk that once belonged to Krautrock Pioneer Connie Plank rescued from germany by Allen.

The Members are talking to Canadian and American agents and Promoters about bringing the band back for a club tour in the New Year. If you can't make it to a club show, buy live in Berlin and experience the power of the Members live Show.

There is a whole new generation hungry for that Old School English Sound

Guitarist JC Carroll, now an experienced Songwriter and Film Composer with many solo Albums under his belt is not surprised by the new found success of The Members. "Its all about the Songs and the Energy you put into performing them we are lucky we wrote some songs that have stood the test of time and there is a whole new generation hungry for that Old School English Sound." If you like the Sound of the Members new Material you should check Carroll's eclectic albums New English Blues volume I and his Collaboration with Pink Floyd Bassist Guy Pratt The Golborne Variations.

The Members
Robert Johnson
New english Blues part II

New english Blues part II

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