CTA Supports Pro vs. GI Joe to Rehabilitate Injured Troops

To help rehabilitate injured troops, CTA Digital is supporting the “Rehabbing with the Troops” venture through Pro vs. GI Joe with the donation of Weighted Boxing Gloves for the Wii. Wounded troops have the opportunity to participate in customized, intense boxing workouts against New Orleans Saints team members while they recover from their injuries. The weighted boxing gloves donated by CTA Digital assist in the rehabilitation by adding resistance to workouts.

Brooklyn, NY, August 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- After being injured on the battlefield, military men and women often face a physically and emotionally draining rehabilitation period. To boost their spirits while they heal, CTA Digital (www.ctadigital.com), a leading provider of accessories for the Nintendo Wii, is supporting the “Rehabbing with the Troops” brainchild of Pro vs. GI Joe, a nonprofit organization geared toward providing military members with real-time video game competitions with professional athletes and celebrities. CTA Digital has donated a significant number of weighted boxing gloves to Pro vs. GI Joe to help injured military men and women in their recovery.

Pro vs. GI Joe kicked off their “Rehabbing with the Troops” event in New Orleans on June 10, 2010, with the New Orleans Saints training the troops. This competition gives over 30 “Wounded Warriors” the opportunity to recover with intense physical Wii workouts. Season One will last for ten weeks, focusing on boxing, with each warrior completing at least two intense, customized workouts per week using EA Sports Active on the Wii. Additionally, the warriors can enter the Heavy Bag Challenge, which increases in intensity each week.

Each warrior has his or her own Facebook page and Twitter account and is encouraged to set up a page in the Wounded Warrior Arena (www.woundedwarriorarena.org), where he or she can post photos, videos, and blogs. To receive prizes throughout the ten-week challenge, each warrior can post extra pictures, videos, blogs, or tweets. Family and friends are encouraged to participate to offer encouragement.

Through CTA Digital’s support, the warriors can have a more realistic boxing experience. The gloves hold the Wii remotes and nunchucks securely so that the warriors can focus on the game at hand. Due to the added weight of the gloves, warriors experience added resistance in their workouts while they participate in the boxing challenges as part of the program.

The ten-week challenge will end with an awards ceremony in New Orleans. Challenge participants will also be special guests at a New Orleans Saints pre-season game on August 21, 2010. G4TV has featured Rehabbing with the Troops on the popular program “Attack of the Show,” with the wounded warriors and show hosts participating in the Heavy Bag Challenge on the Wii while using CTA Digital’s gloves. After the show, gloves autographed by show hosts Alison Haislip and Kevin Pereira were given away as part of a text-to-win contest.

The Wounded Warrior Arena is sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance (AFI, www.afi.org), Rehabbing with the Troops and its virtual presence. The Wounded Warrior Arena was developed by Pro vs. G.I. Joe, in partnership with the United Service Organizations (USO) and the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

About CTA Digital:
CTA Digital (www.ctadigital.com) has been building efficient and trusted game accessories for the past 5 years. They are determined to improve the way that we experience everyday products and consoles. Each new accessory built by CTA Digital is designed after months of careful deliberation and user testing to make sure that the final products are safe, practical, high quality, functional, and useful. Follow CTA Digital on Facebook (http://facebook.com/CTAdigital), YouTube (http://youtube.com/CTAdigital), and Twitter (http://twitter.com/CTAdigital).

About Pro vs. G.I. Joe:
Headquartered in Fairfax, Va., Pro vs. GI Joe is a nonprofit organization that provides troops serving all over the world with opportunities to take on professional athletes or celebrities in head-to-head video game competitions, both online and in person. The organization uses the best of today's modern technology—including webcams, PlayStation, Xbox Live and the Nintendo Wii—to make virtual connections across the miles. By reuniting family members of the participating troops via webcam during the event, Pro vs. G.I. Joe also connects families separated by military service. For more information, visit www.prosvsgijoes.org.

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