The iPotty for iPad is Now Available on Amazon UK, with New White Paper on Its Developmental Use

The toilet training potty with attached iPad® stand is now available for purchase in Europe through Amazon UK. A new white paper about the iPotty explains a developmental approach to its use in combination with visual training tools and apps. - June 27, 2013

New Gaming Backpack by CTA Digital Lets Gamers Carry Consoles and Accessories with U.S. Army(tm) Pride

The U.S. Army(tm) and CTA Digital ( introduce the U.S. Army(tm) Universal Gaming Backpack, a secure and easy way to transport gaming systems, cables, accessories, and games. The backpack can be used with Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Move, Xbox 360 and Kinect. Any console... - March 10, 2012

CTA Digital Launching New Peripherals and Announcing Major Licensing Partnership at CES 2012

CTA Digital announces plans for their upcoming booth at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), starting January 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This includes the reveal of a major licensing partnership and many new products. - January 04, 2012

Multifunction Charge Station Gives Nintendo Handheld Gamers Convenient All-in-One Storage and Charging

CTA Digital's new Multifunction Charge Station charges, connects and organizes any Nintendo portable game system with one compact unit. - October 29, 2011

PlayStation Move Power Station Keeps Controllers Charged and Ready

New AC powered charging stand from CTA Digital charges both Move navigation and motion controllers and includes a multiport USB power supply. - June 03, 2011

Movable Xbox 360 Kinect Tripod Mount by CTA Digital Works Anywhere

Kinect gamers gain flexibility in game room set ups with the new Adjustable Tripod Stand by CTA Digital. - May 25, 2011

CTA Digital Offers Pragmatic Setting Up & Maintenance Kit for Kinect Users

CTA Digital introduces a Starter Kit designed to position, protect, and maintain Kinect Systems for immediate and long term use. - May 23, 2011

CTA Digital's Battery Pack Makes Nintendo 3DS Battery Life Last 2X Longer

New external battery pack from CTA Digital lets 3DS gaming last longer even on the go. - May 17, 2011

New Universal Mount from CTA Digital Accurately Positions the Xbox 360 Kinect Camera or PlayStation Eye

CTA Digital announces a new solution for precise motion gaming console setup. This mount is useful for gamers with multiple consoles in their homes. - May 07, 2011

CTA Digital's New Kinect Game Mat Keeps Game Play in the Zone

Active games are uninterrupted with the new Perfect Range Game Mat for the Xbox 360 Kinect from CTA Digital. - May 07, 2011

CTA Digital's PlayStation Move Bowling Ball Adds Realism and Tactile Feedback to the Game

The virtual bowling experiences in your living room get a new twist. - April 15, 2011

CTA Digital Presents Full Sized Sports Gaming Accessories with the Premium Golf and Tennis Accessories for Playstation Move

PS Move Tennis and Golf games get a more true-to-life feeling with the full sized accessories from of CTA Digital. - April 14, 2011

New Leather & Metal Carrying Cases Available for Nintendo 3DS

CTA Digital just released new travel case options for 3DS owners. - April 10, 2011

Three Rifles in One - the New PlayStation Move Shooting Accessory from CTA Digital

CTA Digital's New Sniper Rifle Gun accessory for the PlayStation Move gives first person shooters a gun that easily re-configures as an assault gun, shotgun or sniper rifle. - February 19, 2011

CTA Digital Helps Gamers Love Their New Nintendo 3DS

CTA Digital is launching an array of accessories to coincide with the 3DS launch in March, providing chargers, speakers, cases & more. - February 13, 2011

CTA Digital's New Assault Rifle Controller for Both PS3 and Playstation Move Games

CTA Digital ( announces the release of a new Assault Rifle Controller that is compatible with both PS3 first person shooters as well as the PlayStation Move titles. This rifle has unique dual-trigger functionality that differs from most other shooting accessories in the... - December 19, 2010

CTA Digital Releases Compact, Organized Media Station for DSi

CTA Digital’s newly-released Media Station provides an all-in-one charging and storage solution for DSi units, SD cards and other DSi accessories. - November 10, 2010

CTA Digital’s New Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set for Wii Builds Muscle with Resistance

This new Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set by CTA Digital increases effectiveness of your Wii cardio and weight training workouts by allowing you to lift weights of up to 9.8 lbs. - October 14, 2010

Point and Shoot with CTA’s Perfect Aim Pistol for PlayStation Move

CTA Digital introduces a sleek Perfect Aim Pistol for the PlayStation Move. PS3 shooting game lovers will find this pistol controller well styled and easy to use. - October 08, 2010

CTA Digital’s Autumn Giveaway Launches with Weekly Draws of Fun Video Game Accessories

CTA Digital's Autumn Giveaways are underway. Winners will enjoy some of their best selling gaming peripherals for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation consoles. - October 07, 2010

Submachine Gun for Playstation Move From CTA Digital Gives Gamers Heavy Artillery for Realistic Play

CTA Digital introduces a new Submachine Gun for the PlayStation Move. More accurate play and realistic feel steps up the intensity for first person shooter enthusiasts. - October 07, 2010

CTA Digital’s Special Forces Headset for PS3 Uses Throat Microphone for Precision

PS3™ gamers can communicate with precision in their co-op missions with this Special Forces Headset from CTA Digital. - September 18, 2010

CTA Digital’s New PS3 Gaming Headset Allows Hours of Comfortable Game Play

CTA Digital announces the New Playstation 3 Gaming Headset. Greater audio control, sharper stereo sound, separate chat volume, and comfortable padding provide PS3 owners with a useful solution for their game sessions. - September 18, 2010

Charge Three Controllers at Once, with CTA Digital's Triple Induction Charge Stations for Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3

CTA Digital uses innovative technology in their new induction charging stations for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 controllers. Three controllers can be charged simultaneously, without messy cables. - September 16, 2010

CTA’s Simultaneous Wii Remote/DSi Charging Stations Bring Convenience, Revolutionary Technology to Gamers

Since most Wii gamers also have DSi/DSi XL units, CTA Digital has introduced its Induction Charging Stations, using groundbreaking technology to simultaneously charge up to four Wii remotes and a DSi/DSi XL unit. Gamers can simply place their remotes in charging cradles and portable units on a charging pad, without having to worry about cables. - September 01, 2010

CTA Digital Offers Realistic Gaming Experience with First-Ever Assault Rifle Controller for PS3

With the first of its kind Assault Rifle Controller for the PlayStation 3 available for purchase, CTA Digital outfits serious gamers with the right accessory for realism and excitement during first-person shooter games. Fully compatible with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and other FPS games, the Assault Rifle Controller will take gaming to a new level. - August 02, 2010

CTA Digital’s Successful Partnership with ‘Kids Are Heroes’ at E3 Expo

CTA Digital celebrated a successful partnership with nonprofit Kids Are Heroes at the Los Angeles gaming expo E3 in June to introduce its Inflatable Race Kart for the Wii. Kids Are Heroes ambassador and cart racing enthusiast Ricky Springer, 8 years old, demonstrated CTA Digital’s new Inflatable Race Kart for the Wii at E3 to crowds of gaming aficionados. - August 01, 2010

CTA Supports Pro vs. GI Joe to Rehabilitate Injured Troops

To help rehabilitate injured troops, CTA Digital is supporting the “Rehabbing with the Troops” venture through Pro vs. GI Joe with the donation of Weighted Boxing Gloves for the Wii. Wounded troops have the opportunity to participate in customized, intense boxing workouts against New Orleans Saints team members while they recover from their injuries. The weighted boxing gloves donated by CTA Digital assist in the rehabilitation by adding resistance to workouts. - August 01, 2010

CTA Digital Partners with Kids Are Heroes to Launch the Inflatable Race Kart for Wii at E3 Expo 2010

Leading game accessory manufacturer, CTA Digital, is working in a joint collaboration with nonprofit organization ‘Kids Are Heroes,’ to announce their upcoming product launch at the E3 Expo: the Inflatable Race Kart for Wii. - May 31, 2010

CTA Digital Introduces an Inventive Rowing Accessory for Wii™

CTA Digital ( has introduced their latest accessory for the Nintendo Wii™, the Rowing Machine. This rowing accessory allows Wii™ users to add some cardiovascular action to their exercises. It is a basic non-electric accessory, which is quite similar to typical... - May 20, 2010

CTA Digital Eases Charging with Non Contact Induction Charging Pad for DSi and DSi XL

With the release of the Induction Charging Pad for DSi™ and DSi™ XL, CTA Digital has simplified the way mobile gamers charge their handheld devices. The charging pad uses innovative induction technology that allows users to simply place their units on top of the charging pad, instead of fumbling with cables. - May 07, 2010

CTA Digital Launches Multi Function Aerobic Step for Wii Fit

With the release of the Multi Function Aerobic Step for Wii Fit, CTA Digital is offering users a way to increase their workout effectiveness. - May 07, 2010

Announcing the Padded Puppet Pouch for DS and DSi

CTA Digital takes a bold step with a Padded Puppet Pouch for DS/DSi™ that ranks high on the cuteness meter. - May 05, 2010

CTA Digital Releases Cushion for Wii Fit Balance Board

You can now add comfort to your Wii Fit workouts with this new cushion designed specifically for the Wii Fit Balance Board. The plush material feels great under your feet when doing extensive workouts. - April 23, 2010

Website Launch Announcement: CTA Digital Redefines Its Web Presence

With a redesigned website, CTA Digital launches itself into the social media stratosphere while providing its customers and end users with more ways to connect with the company for information, support, and product advice. The streamlined design makes finding information and browsing through the products much easier. - April 16, 2010

CTA Digital Releases Master Exercise Kit for Wii and Wii Fit

CTA Digital has released the Master Exercise Kit for Wii™ and Wii Fit™, a set of five components designed to add a new dimension to Wii Fit™ gaming. The Master Exercise Kit contains a resistance band, calorie counter adapter, yoga mat, water bottle, and step cups to enhance your... - April 14, 2010

CTA Digital Releases Dual Touch Charge Station for Wii to Simultaneously Charge Remotes

CTA Digital has released the Dual Touch Charge Station for the Nintento Wii, a dual induction charging station that allows gamers to recharge their Wii Remotes by simply laying them on the charger. Gamers can easily charge their Wii Remotes without the hassle of removing the protective silicone cases or lining up metal strips. - April 09, 2010

CTA Digital Releases Pushup Bar for Wii Fit™ Balance Board to Increase Workout Effectiveness

CTA Digital has released the first Wii Fit™ Balance Board accessory to increase the benefit of pushups, a staple of any exercise routine. CTA Digital’s Pushup Bar attaches securely to the Wii Fit™ Balance Board and is compatible with all Wii Fit™ games, including the Biggest Loser™ series. - March 24, 2010

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