Giant biggAIR Screen for the Inauguration of Repcet with Inflatable Big Screen Canvas with Name

For the inauguration of the Repcet system at the Crossmed center in La Garde (Var), France, one of the giant inflatable screens of biggAIR GmbH was used.

Nice, France, August 02, 2010 --( For the inauguration of the Repcet system on July 21, 2010 at the Crosmed center in La Garde (Var), France, one of the giant inflatable screens of biggAIR was used.

In the presence of the Director of Maritime Affairs, the invited guests were able to watch on a giant screen the functions of the new system for real time tracking of whales, followed by the showing of the film “The giants of Pelagos” specially produced for the occasion with the support of Nicolas Hulot. The evening concluded with a concert “Whales and Double bass” by Bernard Abeille, the music accompanied with magnificent images of whales seen on the giant screen provided by biggAIR.

The German company biggAIR GmbH has invented the inflatable daylight screen biggAIRcube, the first system capable of projecting images even in bright daylight. After a huge success in Germany, the system is now available in France. BiggAIR cubes are available in screen sizes of up to 26 square meters.

The biggAIR cube can be used for the transmission of sports events, festivals and concerts or also product launches. The outside of the cubes is ideal to display large-print advertisements by sponsors. Rental prices and power consumption are considerably lower than any LED screens.

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