PlantART - Announcing the New Dynamic Online Artificial Plants Store with Style

London, United Kingdom, August 03, 2010 --( plantART is a newly formed online artificial plants store, a hybrid company of ISD (UK) Ltd.

Based in the North East of England (UK) plantART draws from it’s parent company and demonstrates a new take on ISD’s twenty seven years of knowledge, expertise and experience providing artificial exterior plants and interior planting solutions throughout the UK mainly to companies operating in the licensed and leisure industry.

plantART is no ordinary online plant store. It’s aim is to attract and draw the attention to people who work and operate in the licensed and leisure sectors and need to discover how to use artificial planting to solve solutions and bring benefits to their business by making their business premises more welcoming, appealing and attractive.

plantART offers a large range of artificial plants and trees up to 7 meters high and Bamboo up to 15 meters high. It also offers a consultancy, delivery and installation service. The online service offers a diverse and interesting range of real examples of interior and exterior landscapes, contemporary and traditional planting schemes.

So, what’s new, what’s special and what’s different between plantART and the hundreds of other “me-too” online plant stores? This company doesn’t just sell lonely looking plants all clinically lined up with buy me tags attached. It does more, it shows how to best use these products to get good value and the best effect from using them. It also suggests other products which may be more suitable and it shows in-situ examples to help you imagine how certain artificial plants work best in different locations.

New technologies have improved products and services in every industrial sector. This sector is no different since the quality, true to life form and production techniques are forever advancing.

plantART is also announcing two significant innovations which has vastly improved, increased and allowed the use of interior artificial trees. Firstly is inherently flame proof foliages bring them inline with other fabrics for interior use and secondly designing and providing very large artificial trees, up to 7 meters high, in “kit form.” The first feature overcomes fire safety issues and the second allows for easier and cheaper transport, easier handling and very importantly easier access to buildings with restricted doorways.

Information on how to enhance business using artificial plants, more ideas and product details contact Karl Unger on freephone 0800 614 540 or by email to and the all inclusive online store can be found at

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