No B.S. SEO Club Offers Low Cost, High Performance Membership

SEOTimeSavers introduces a low-cost, high performance search engine optimization (SEO) membership for online entrepreneurs. SEO is a significant piece in the online success puzzle, and an area where many online business owners struggle. SEOTimeSavers helps to reduce the stress and anxiety, by providing members with a very comprehensive and sequential approach to managing their SEO.

Asheville, NC, August 03, 2010 --( SEOTimeSavers introduces a low-cost membership based solution for those online entrepreneurs that find themselves caught between the high-priced SEO service solutions, and the overwhelm of attempting to learn, implement and manage search engine optimization all alone.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most difficult, time consuming and stressful tasks an online entrepreneur faces today. There's certainly no shortage of information, products, tools and services, yet what many online entrepreneurs are discovering is a significant lack of results.

Owner of SEOTimeSavers and 17 year Internet Marketing veteran, Denise "Katie" Palmer says, "The fact of the matter is that Yes, Search Engine Optimization is 'greek' to most. It Is a huge concept and easily and quite quickly overwhelms the average online entrepreneur. The 'sharks' know this, so they package a bunch of virtually 'nothing' up, put it in a pretty package for you, convince you that it’s so easy and such a great price, and then send you on the road to SEO Nowhere. I'm sick of it!"

Members of the SEOTimeSavers Club choose from 2 different membership levels, a free club pass or a paid No B.S. SEO Club Membership, where they will learn everything from SEO basic concepts to more advanced SEO strategies and techniques. Members are not only learning and experiencing SEO in real-time, as they go, but can refer back to the material over and over again, allowing them to create their own well organized SEO reference library.

Denise "Katie" Palmer explains how the membership works, "Our No B.S. SEO Club Members love the approach and structure of our membership. Each month they are introduced to a new SEO Topic which is thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Then we explore viable strategies relative to that months topic, present the members with a call to action for them to implement and deploy, and then we meet via live webinars twice that same month; once for Q&A and again for a live case study/site review. It's a very sequential process, that spans the course of 4 weeks whereby we are thoroughly covering each of the critical elements of each SEO topic. And each month we do it again on the next SEO Topic. We get straight to the important parts, leave out the hype and B.S., and our members gain confidence and get results. What's not to 'love' about that?"

SEOTimeSavers serves its' members a full-course, content-rich meal of text, audio, video, live webinars and real-time case studies, and translates SEO into a language that all online entrepreneurs can finally understand, and trust.

So whether it's to learn and implement search engine optimizaton (SEO) strategies to implement yourself, or to learn enough to select the proper SEO tools, or outsource your SEO projects, the SEOTimeSavers Club offers the help and support without the hype, without the geek talk, at a price all business owners can afford. Learn more at:

Katie Palmer