Lafango Presents the 2010 "Beyond Oil" College Essay Competition

This scholarship opportunity gives students a chance to showcase their ideas on how to find a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Iselin, NJ, August 04, 2010 --( Today, there is much concern over the use and overuse of all forms of fossil fuels. Who better to solve this problem than the future leaders of tomorrow?

To make a significant change in the way we consume oil, we must find an alternative to the greatest by-product of oil, automobile gasoline. Out of the total 20 million barrels per day of oil consumed in the US, approximately 9 million barrels are refined into gasoline. If we were to find an alternative to gasoline, there will be virtually no greenhouse gas emissions and we will put a significant dent in how much oil we consume as opposed to worldwide production. This is why it is imperative that a gasoline substitute be found now, to protect the world that we are leaving for our children.

Davinder Singh, the founder and CEO of TalentTrove, Inc. said, "The issue of finding a viable alternative to fossil fuels is beyond critical. At the rate that our world consumes oil, there is no telling how long it will take for our ecosystem and our way of life to collapse."

Any student enrolled at an accredited undergraduate institution may enter the contest for a chance to win. The subject of the essay will be: "What is a viable alternative to fossil fuels?"

1st Place: $1,000 Scholarship
2nd Place: $500 Scholarship
3rd Place: $250 Scholarship

For this contest, each student will be required to submit an essay between 800 and 1,500 words to their Lafango account. Lafango is free to join and use. Most importantly, all Lafango users are protected by a Creative Commons license. Put simply, students retain individual ownership of their submitted material, and only give us permission to post their work to a public forum. Naturally, written material on Lafango is cannot be printed or simply downloaded.

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