Openrialto to Launch India’s First B2B Marketplace for Rental of Business Assets

Openrialto Solutions, an Indian startup focusing on “getting the most out of existing business assets,” is about to launch the next generation B2B asset rental marketplace – Openrialto shareplace. Registered subscribers can now offer and ask for asset rentals, precisely defined with attributes and terms – either as movable equipment or in-premise capacity. In a zero-clutter environment, they can have multi-party negotiations and close on rental contract.

Bangalore, India, August 05, 2010 --( This is a major breakaway from passive listing-and-call portals; aiding actual discovery and closure.

While the economic growth has surged in India, industrial and construction activities have faced a shortage of immediately deployable operational assets and equipments. Bulk of the asset rental needs is serviced by local vendors – lacking process and transaction transparency. Large enterprises have been looking for a marketplace where one can find credible partners through a precise discovery process. “I would like to interact with a few credible vendors, ask for specific equipments and would like to close quickly without having to make hundreds of phone calls,” said AVP (Operations) of one of India’s largest construction and real estate major.

Rental agencies, on the other hand, have been looking for a focused marketplace – which goes beyond listing company phone numbers. “We receive many calls for equipments we do not deal in or have available. It would be good to have a partner who can service us with meaningful leads – and help us in placing our idle capacity faster,” opined COO of a large rental outfit.

Openrialto has been built to fulfill these asks. It allows one to offer assets with precise specifications and hiring terms. The party looking for such assets can choose the exact equipment and reach out to all enterprises offering it. He can have detailed negotiation with each of the vendors in parallel – before choosing the right deal. Sameer Narula, co-founder of Openrialto sees this as the crucial differentiator. “Our offering is designed for our users to quickly execute a serious rental transaction,” said Sameer, “Users are aided with various productivity tools. Lack of clutter helps. We would continue to build utilities and templates to smoothen the rental transaction.”

Openrialto Solutions was founded to help its customers get the most out of their existing business assets. Temporary renting enables everyone to access a larger pool of resources, achieve more with the existing ones and reduce unnecessary asset purchases. Openrialto wants to be the preferred service & platform provider to build such sharing ecosystems.

Openrialto Solutions Private Limited
Sugato Guha