Mystic Claims He Has Solved the UFO Mystery

Nahu, mystic and author of the revolutionary new book UFOs: God from Inner Space asserts that despite contemporary mechanistic discoveries in science, “God is not dead, but alive and well, and can be seen above us in the form of the heavenly light commonly known as UFOs.”

Eugene, OR, December 20, 2006 --( In spinning spirals or Vehicles of Pure Light, God provides visible proof of his/her presence in the world. This book clearly states that UFOs are divine objects, heavenly signs that have appeared throughout mankind’s history. The UFO is a reminder, a celestial light from above that comes during crisis and world upheaval to shine its profound radiance on humanity.

He describes a mystical personal encounter in which he was levitated into a vehicle of Pure Light, and how it changed his life. Following a similar thread of spiritual transformation in various classical cases, such as George Adamski, Eugenio Siragusa and Orfeo Angelucci, he unravels a startling side effect of UFO encounters - that many people develop keen psychic abilities. He confides that his own gifts from God evolved after contact with the light, including the ability to see ailments inside a person’s internal organs in much the same manner as the great psychic, Edgar Cayce.

He combines forty years of research and personal growth gained through contemplation of Eastern and Western mystical paths, Jungian archetypes, quantum physics and contemporary discoveries in parapsychology to present a Grand Unifing UFO Pinciple that explains the phenomena and encompasses the heart of the mystery in completely unique terms.

Nahu’s intra-dimensional teachers continue to transmit new information through visions and in dreams. He predicts that in the years ahead, millions of people will have encounters with this divine source, and the world will begin to fully comprehend the meaning of the spiritual messages inherent in the presence of these spiraling vortices of light.

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