A New Web-Marketing Tool: Fan Page Customization

Memphis, TN, August 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc., known for helping its clients stand out among millions on the internet, has developed a new Facebook-oriented service called Fan Page Customization.

This service allows customers to create unique, more interactive fan pages on Facebook. With the options to add sweepstakes applications, a twitter or blog feed, and a customizable banner to show different promotions, businesses are provided the resources to engage their many visitors.

Because of its vast multitude of users, Facebook has become one of the most crucial online marketing tools. Fan Page Customization allows businesses to take full advantage of the benefits Facebook offers. And by creating a simple, user-friendly interface, Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc. has made it easy for clients to control every aspect of their pages. Now sharing fresh videos, pictures, and posts with style is effortless.

Perhaps most importantly, the customer’s experience is constantly improving. By developing new widgets and other new features, Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc. is keeping up with the ever-changing world of web-marketing. And if that is not good enough, customers also receive free upgrades.

This new, innovative tool by Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc. presents businesses a modern way to efficiently spread their message.

Valeo Design & Marketing, Inc.
James Hutto