Ascot Media Group is Helping Struggling, First-Time Authors to Reach Their Goals in Getting Their Books the Recognition They Deserve

Ascot Media Group is an innovative company that is anything but traditional. Trish Stevens, president and CEO, is credited with changing the outcome of success for "struggling" authors by offering a new plan that has the author's success in mind - not the company profit.

Houston, TX, August 06, 2010 --( Ascot Media Group's CEO, Trish Stevens understands the frustration of the long and costly road to marketing and the author's attempt to get their books sold. "As if the publishing aspect of it wasn't difficult enough, authors then have to hire a PR firm, usually with exorbitant fees, and typically the end result was that the author's dream and book disappeared like a grain of sand into the sea – lost and forgotten forever. Authors were left feeling like failures, along with a depleted savings account, and a sour taste about PR firms in general," says Stevens. She believes that all new authors should have a chance at the NY Times best-sellers list.

Stevens implemented a plan that specifically had the "struggling" author in mind. She truly believes many first time authors have brilliant work that has the potential of being a NY Times best-seller. "It's heartbreaking to know that millions of ordinary people who simply have day jobs and the dream of becoming an established author, soon find out that in spite of their hard work - they just don't stand a chance. We want to give all authors a fighting chance of getting where they want to be, without breaking the bank. Most PR firms don't seem to differentiate between 'celebrity profile' and 'struggling author' and apparently most of them charge the same fee for everyone. We believe it’s important to take into account the author's return on investment in order to give them a chance, and this is what we have done by offering a new author plan (The Select). This plan puts their book information in front of all of the major outlets and tens of thousands of media personnel, many of whom are looking for new stories, and the plan guarantees publicity by its proven success.”

Ascot is relentless about getting results and Stevens’ team of publicists work literally 'around the clock' until they are comfortable they have produced something impressive for their client's ultimate success. It is not unusual for some clients to get up to eighty media leads in a month and many have had interviews on major shows such as CNBC, Fox News, Fox & Friends, CNN - in fact, most of the major outlets. Michael Cogdill, 24 Time Emmy-Winning Television Journalist says "Ascot is aggressive, confident, utterly tireless, devoted to blasting a title into mainstream media and equally committed to setting off a buzz that runs through the internet sphere as a virtual pandemic of the title/author brand. That's an order as tall as that sentence is long. Ascot Media actually meet that standard - then go soaring over it."

Ascot Media Group is so confident of their clients' satisfaction that they have no problem offering the new "Select" plan on a month-to-month agreement for only $595 per month, something virtually unheard of in the industry. The new plan pulls out all the stops to give brand new authors an equal opportunity to hit the top by getting a lot of well-deserved media attention.

"Previously unknown authors across the nation are now becoming known authors; enjoying the limelight, selling their books, and getting where they deserve to be," says Stevens, adding: "We never confuse efforts with results. We monitor the incoming leads to make sure everyone on board gets a lot of media activity and are, at the very least, satisfied. Testimonials say it best at:"

Word has spread about the new plan and clients are coming in from countries such as Switzerland, the UK, and Hong Kong. Other PR firms in the US have also been picking up the plan for their own clients success.

Ascot pre-sold 37,000 copies of Steve Alten's latest thrilling novel, MEG: Hell's Aquarium, and they have also been credited with fulfilling several authors dreams by getting them on the NY Times best-sellers list.

ASCOT Media Group, Inc.
Rick Plumb