TNNWC Publicly Opens Its Cooperative Business Community and Committee to All Entrepreneurial Companies

TNNWC announced the launch the Cooperative Business Community to leverage members' lists utilizing cooperative processes to reach larger audiences, attract media buyers, cross-sell products, increase brand awareness and collective bargaining.

Philadelphia, PA, August 06, 2010 --( In a news conference earlier today, Bonnie Ross-Parker and Adam J. Kovitz of TNNWC announced that the fast-growing business services, publishing and social media conglomerate was opening its Cooperative Business Community membership to all entrepreneurial companies and emerging enterprises internationally.

Ms. Ross-Parker, the Chairperson of the CBC, stated, “The economic environment has become increasingly difficult for smaller, and growing enterprises. If we form a cooperative, collaborative alliance, we can use the power of our combined talents, resources and sheer numbers to aid each others growth. As a united group, we have the lobbying and negotiating power needed to help each and every member exponentialize its growth possibilities. Working together, we are a force to be reckoned with.”

The CBC, less than two months old, already boasts more than ten active company Members whose combined client, reader and opt-in email lists number in the hundreds of thousands. One of the group’s stated objectives is to represent a combined list of in excess of one million subscribers by September 1st. At its current rate of growth, this will likely happen.

CBC solves many of the problems commonly faced by leaders of emerging enterprises or growing businesses with products or services to sell, or which are publishers, producers or owners of e-zines, newsletters, newsgroups, forums or special membership organizations. These problems have included:
Marketing memberships, services and products to a larger audience;
Building a subscriber list or client base rapidly;

- Attracting media buyers’ and advertisers’ attention and dollars – admittedly a wonderful source of ancillary income – to a subscribership list which may otherwise be too small;
- Finding other like-minded organizations which will cross-sell products or services to their clients and increase your distribution and revenues;
- Finding other like-minded organizations which have exceptional products or services of their own which a newer company can market to its clients to generate additional diversified sources of revenue;
- Getting the company brand, site location and value proposition properly buzzed through the social media channels – the ever-increasing noise-to-signal ratio makes it hard for small companies on limited budgets to stand out;
- Saving money by getting the best terms from service providers, vendors, and contractors by acting as part of a large, powerful, organized group… think of the example set by collective bargaining organizations, purchasing cooperatives, political action committees or by organizations such as AARP – they are negotiating powerhouses because they are Large.

Said TNNWC’s Chairman, Adam J. Kovitz, “Going it alone is not the answer. Competition is fierce, and resources are scarce for smaller businesses. You need help. We offer it through providing you with the opportunity to become a Member of our CB Community™. It may sound trite, but it is unquestionably true: ‘In Unity There Is Strength.’ Our Members don’t compete – we profit and grow together using the cooperative and coordinated leverage of large numbers and a unified focus.We are a growing powerhouse of product and service providers, member-based organizations, publications, special opt-in email networks and other concerns who have agreed to combine, cooperate, collaborate and join forces in order to accomplish amazing things. Just watch us.”

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About TNNWC Group, LLC: Originally started as an internet publication in 2005, TNNWC Group, LLC is now a comprehensive media and services provider conglomerate which addresses the needs of entrepreneurial businesses, emerging enterprises, and growing companies. Its homepage address is . Some of the services provided include venture capital, building customer traffic and loyalty, and assisting companies with cultivating international connections and customers.

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