MobileTrax Heralds appbackr as Wholesale Marketplace for Mobile App Developers

appbackr described as “a cross between a book publisher and eBay.”

Palo Alto, CA, August 07, 2010 --( MobileTrax, one of the leading independent analyst firms tracking mobile computing and wireless data communications, today released a new white paper, “appbackr: Creating a Wholesale Market for Mobile Apps,” which explains the business model for the first digital wholesale marketplace for iPhone and iPad applications. The white paper provides an in-depth look at how appbackr ( is helping developers fund the creation of mobile applications, and helping wholesale buyers profit and expand the market by promoting new applications. The white paper was made available this week to subscribers of Inside Mobile, MobileTrax’s weekly mobile market newsletter.

“I commend appbackr for its creativity in solving that big pain point in the creation of applications for the iPhone and iPad – generating revenue for the developer much earlier than is available today,” writes J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., Principal Analyst with MobileTrax and author of the white paper. “Many deserving developers with creative applications can now get paid, like in most other industries, in line with manufacturing timetables rather than waiting for the end retail customer’s payment to be processed by Apple. This will foster more great applications that can be rewarded more quickly than ever before.”

Dr. Purdy calls the appbackr model “a cross between a book publisher and eBay.” appbackr is similar to a book publisher because it brings the author or developer together with the publisher, in this case the iTunes AppStore, and distributors or wholesale buyers, with appbackr serving as the agent. And like eBay, appbackr also creates a wholesale market for popular products, in this case mobile apps.

appbackr began private beta testing in July as the first wholesale digital marketplace that brings together Apple iOS application developers and wholesale buyers. In the white paper, Purdy explains how appbackr enables developers to efficiently fund and distribute applications to wholesale buyers, and how buyers can profit from the iTunes App Store for the first time. Included is a breakdown of the revenue distribution model illustrating how wholesale buyers can earn up to 54 percent profit from backing unfinished iPhone and iPad applications; 57 percent on finished applications.

As Purdy notes, “The appbackr Network is simple for developers: they just list the application with appbackr and wait until wholesale commitments are made… The appbackr Network is simple for Wholesale Buyers: they select the iPhone apps they feel will succeed in the market and make a commitment & upfront payment to appbackr… The appbackr Network is simple for consumers: they buy apps just like they do now – buying the most popular apps or the ones in which they feel they will most benefit.”

Invitations to appbackr can be requested at appbackr began a closed beta August 2, 2010. For a complete copy of the MobileTrax white paper, “appbackr: Creating a Wholesale Market for Mobile Apps,” visit You can also follow the company and request a copy on

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MobileTrax is a leading market research firm that focuses on the mobile and wireless Market. The firm publishes Inside Mobile weekly that is read by over 100,000 people. MobileTrax also produces Strategic Insights, a quarterly market research service that surveys 500+ SmartPhone users and determines inflection points, speed bumps and paradigm shifts in the mobile and wireless market.

About appbackr Inc.
Founded in March, 2010 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, appbackr is the first wholesale digital marketplace enabling iPhone and iPad application developers to sell wholesale copies to buyers and receive immediate payment for their work. Buyers profit when their apps sell in the iTunes App Store. Already in 2010, appbackr has been a winner of the first PayPal X Developer Challenge (March 2010), the SVASE Seed Competition (March, 2010) and the AlwaysOn 250 (July 2010). For more information, visit and follow the company on

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