Savant Books and Publications Announces Release of William Maltese's New Fantasy Adventure "William Maltese's Flicker"

Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, publishers of significant books and enduring media for the 21st century, is pleased to announce the release of William Maltese's newest candle-reader, vampire, werewolf fantasy novel, "William Maltese's Flicker: #1 Book of Answers."

Honolulu, HI, August 07, 2010 --( "William Maltese's Flicker: #1 Book of Answers" is the second book William Maltese has written for Savant Books and Publications, and is the first in the "Flicker" teen-angst, candle-reader, vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, demon, dragon, witch, warlock, tree-spirit, shadow-people, chimera, series of books that takes place in and around the central Washington State scab-lands town of Flicker. The geographic region in question has been, since the Earth’s very beginning, the origin of all the planet’s magic, white and black, previously kept in check by geological events now so infrequent that all supernatural power is suddenly being funneled into but one Flicker teenager who will eventually emerge “the” Master Magician to rule, whether in the name of good or evil, the world. The question is, which teenager will it be? Candle-reader Melissa Remoth? Werewolf Matty Donnelly? One of the gay vampire brothers, Sydney or Roman Michaels?

William Maltese has been in the writing business for so long, having penned so many of its genres, that a chronological title-listing of all his 171 books written and published between 1969 and 2009, as well as the first three paragraphs from each, are scheduled for release by Wildside/Borgo Press, later this year, as the reference volume, "Maltese's Famous First Words."

"Savant Books and Publications newest William Maltese release, 'William Maltese's Flicker: #1 Book of Answers,' promises to follow in the Maltese tradition of the finest in writing," says Editor-in-Chief Daniel S. Janik. "The proofreader called me and said she couldn't put it down. Then she asked if she could keep her proof copy as a treasured memento, adding in the next breath, 'When's the sequel coming out? I'm ready!'" Sequel? Definitely - already in the making.

"William Maltese's Flicker: #1 Book of Answers" by William Maltese - 320 pages - 8.25" x 5." Color softcover. ISBN 978-09845552-4-6. Suggested retail price $16.95. Released on 31 July 2009 by Savant Books and Publications, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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